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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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HTC One M9 camera samples

HTC One M9 camera samples

Over the past few years, a smartphone’s camera has become one of the most important features for consumers. HTC decided to change things up this year by introducing its first 20.1 megapixel camera on the HTC One M9, but they did keep the UltraPixel camera by mounting it on the front of the phone.

Check out our full review of the HTC One M9 for an in-depth look at the camera capabilities of phone or take a look at the image gallery below to get a firsthand look at what type of pictures you can expect from the HTC One M9.

HTC One M9 Review

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  1. GuidoConrad

    They ain’t half as bad as I thought they would be. I guess the camera isn’t as bad as they say

    • Harold Goldner

      Most of the reviews are from people who had pre-release phones on pre-release ROMs. The camera algorithms have continued to be tweaked as recently as last week, when I believe (but I can’t swear) that the “final” ROM was ready to roll. I have had no complaints about my M9’s camera; and the front-facing ultrapixel camera is a head above anything else available. I don’t do “selfie’s”, but if I did, I’d have the perfect camera for it on the M9.

  2. David Andrus

    These are definitely a lot more impressive than many sites are currently reporting. S6 is probably still a little bit more sharp, but that seems like semantics judging from these.

    Any chance we could get a look at some night time shots, and possibly some video? I am worried about how the lack of OIS fair compared to other flagships.

  3. LionStone

    Good work

  4. jeffsanace

    I think this camera is awesome! I have a few presets saved for quick access, hdr, and one tweaked a little for low light. The complaints about this camera are absolutely ridiculous. No point and shoot is perfect for every occasion without changing settings.

  5. HonestOpion21

    I have used this camera on holiday in Morocco and I believe they a pretty great to be honest. I think the critics are just trying to destroy HTC. don’t believe the crap this phone is great. Sophisticated and capable.

    I would have shared images with you but it won’t allow me to share an image that is larger than 2mb