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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Exclusive: HTC One M9/Hima black bar, speaker panel design details

Exclusive: HTC One M9/Hima black bar, speaker panel design details

Update: a leaked image of the real HTC one (M9) is now available

After revealing that the HTC One M9/Hima will look different than last year’s HTC One (M8), our source has shared new details regarding the front design of the phone. Our source claims that the HTC One (M9) will not feature the black bar which housed the HTC logo on the One (M7) and One (M8). The plastic speaker panels (used to cover the BoomSound speaker chamber and amp) that frame the top and bottom of the screen are slightly taller than those of the HTC One (M8) as they absorb most of the space that was previously used by the black bar and the displaced HTC logo will move down to the bottom speaker panel. While the speaker panels were exposed on the One (M7) and One (M8), they are enclosed within the edge-to-edge glass panel which covers the front of the HTC One (M9).

The only cutouts in the edge-to-edge glass panel is for the slit speaker grills that span 50% of the phone’s top and bottom edges with 45 degree cut – reminiscent of the Nexus 9’s BoomSound speaker placement and design.

Nexus 9 speaker grill

Nexus 9 speaker grill

All these minor design tweaks on the HTC One (M9) add up to an overall look that our source claims is “slicker” and “more refined” than HTC’s flagship smartphone from last year.

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  1. Abhinav

    Now this is getting more interesting and intriguing…black bar barred;)

  2. Fit

    The Nexus 9 slit speaker grills trap dust easily right? 🙁

    • No Probs

      Never had a problem with that.

  3. MJ

    If it looks like this without the black bar, I’ll be jumping to it on day 1. Yeah, I guess I’m that shallow!

    • nickmgray

      From the details I’ve heard from my source, the basic concept of the image is correct, but the proportions are different.

      • Jeans

        Not possible it would be killer phone. Lol

      • neo905

        Except the camera would be centered and the speaker grills would be more integrated?

      • sways

        I hope the speakers are coloured like in the render. Looks pretty good, instead of just “hidden” speakers like on the nexus 9

    • Abhinav

      Shared by Evan Blass on twitter @evleaks….(….Whether or not it is a render created based on article clues on or a real look, they just look stunning….No black bar on M9, boomsound speakers as on nexus 9 and a button on the M9 Plus (probably fingerprint scanner)…Want to see what’s on the back…If this is the real deal, I’m in….

  4. Synacks

    REJOICE! Finally give me a reason to go back to HTC. Loved the M7, hated the M8 because of the hideous and useless black bar.

  5. Deveal2014

    I’m excited!

    • Oliver Steinfeld

      Oh yesss

  6. mke

    Nick, i really hope you are right. I’m a big HTC fan currently owning a m7.
    I must admit that the recent leaks had me seriously consider other devices, now i just hope youre source is spot on.

  7. Andrew

    Any idea on what the back camera module looks like? Is it a circle or that square that we saw in the leaked decoy units?

  8. Trey

    we’ll all have to wait until March for the releases! I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with including Samsung & possibly Sony. The never ending race for our cash money!

  9. Whishfullthinker

    So according to this article the front of the htc will look like this (from top to bottom); a taller plastic panel which were grey, silver and gold in the htc m8. A speaker slit at edge of glass and plastic panel. the screen. the slit again and then the taller plastic panel. Or did i misread anything Nick?