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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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Exclusive: Verizon secures exclusive March 25 US retail launch of the all new HTC One

Exclusive: Verizon secures exclusive March 25 US retail launch of the all new HTC One

If you’re still holding a grudge against Verizon for releasing the 2013 HTC One several months after its competitors – Verizon is about to redeem itself in a huge way. A trusted source has confirmed to us that the all new HTC One will go on sale in the US starting at 1PM EST on March 25th. We’d love to tell you that you’ll be able to walk into an AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint retail store to fondle or purchase the all new HTC One, but Verizon will be the only major service provider in the US to sell the all new HTC One on March 25. Our source tells us that Verizon will be selling the phone “exclusively for a couple of weeks” – putting the global launch timeline in sync with previous rumors which say the device will be hitting 110 global markets “two weeks after the 25th.”

Our source was not able to confirm Verizon’s pricing for the all new HTC One, but since the suggested retail price for the unlocked phone is set at $600, it’s safe to assume that you will be able to buy the all new HTC One from Verizon for $199.99 with a new two-year contract.

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  1. MITM

    damn Id really like to grab a Tmob M8 on the 25th, but I guess I’ll wait

  2. How hard is it to seriously put the microUSB port in the middle?

    • Fuducky

      The speaker probably occupies that space.

    • Hyperre9l

      Whats the difference anyway?

      • KOLIO

        Possibly,it limits the choices of desktop/car docks that’ll work w/this configuration.
        Otherwise,it wouldn’t matter to me either.
        This pales in comparison to the OG MOTOROLA PHOTON,which has USB/HDMI ports on the side of the phone.

  3. mroliverkc

    Why would HTC do that. should”ve gave Verizon a 64gb or red exclusive. Gonna lose some customers to the s5 that way.

    • If they release it 2 weeks later, it’s still ahead of the s5…. So no they won’t loose customers.


    I really hope that’s not the 3.5mm jack in the bottom.

  5. robert26101

    Well if this is true then I’m getting the galaxy S5. Just because im not waiting! I know exactly when I can buy an S5. HTC is only hurting themselves with exclusives. They need every sale the can.