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HTC Source | January 17, 2018

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HTC One Android 4.2.2 update now available in northern Europe

HTC One Android 4.2.2 update now available in northern Europe

The roll out of the Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One is picking up steam. Only three days after the update was first spotted in Taiwan, HTC One owners in northern Europe are now claiming to have received the same software update. The 417 MB Android 4.2.2 update is proceeded by a much smaller 1.48 MB update which needs to be installed first.

For far, HTC One owners in Russia, Denmark, Georgia, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Serbia, UK and Finland claim to have downloaded and installed the Android 4.2.2 update. If you live in any of these countries and have not yet received the update, you can ping the download servers manually by going to Settings > About > Software updates > Check now. Like the other Android 4.2.2 updates for the HTC One, users can expect launcher bar enhancements, a widget lock screen style, home button behavior modification (remove black menu bar from screen), ability to display battery level percentage in the notification bar, quick settings, 6 new Video Highlights themes, improved Zoe file management and more.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One makes its way to any additional countries.

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Source: Apps Android, XDA-Developers

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  1. Inhi Bace

    In Hungary too! 🙂

  2. Lucas

    What about the HTC One X+? Any idea when the update is coming (worldwide)?

  3. ray murphy

    Nothing yet – UK..

    • Leigh Waitforit Bedford

      Same here….I’d like to know how in the UK has it lol I bet it’s one person….so therefore the UK has it

      • jose

        Simple mente UK. No hay marcha atras soy de combicciones demaciado rudas y cuando tomo una decision. asta la muerte.

  4. waldomarek

    nothing in the netherlands yet

  5. Rammsis Pena

    Nothing yet USA. Coñoooooo

  6. DonIsGood

    UK phone (living in Australia) – nothing yet as of 06July.

  7. sultan

    the update is out, Saudi Arabia

    • jules

      how did you make the update?

  8. Asanka

    Phone bought from Singapore, living in Sri Lanka; no updates yet!

    (Anyone know if this update fixed the bug with lockscreen & accessibility? Or if they added screen on function for incoming notifications? )

  9. Eirik

    got the update! – Norway

  10. Syed

    When is it launched in India??? waiting eagerly for the update 🙁

  11. Peshraw Ahmed

    It’s 6july.
    In Sweden still waiting for android 4.2.2.

  12. Bojan

    Bosnia – nothing yet

    • Bojan

      today in Bosnia available

  13. Andrew Donaldson

    I live in Czech Republic and have Vodafone CZ. I tried the manual software upgrade check and it found the small update 1.14 MB update, then did it again and got the 417 MB 4.2.2 upgrade, so it clearly works here too! 🙂

  14. Andreas oh-my

    Still waiting in Greece!

  15. Rainer

    Germany: No update…

  16. Rangga

    Indonesia – no update here.

  17. san

    When will Hong Kong get the update??

  18. Mike c

    Still nothing in Thailand….

  19. ANDRE

    Canada is still waitting…

  20. Mike B

    Is anybody got this update in the UK? Cause i haven’t got it yet. 🙁

    • Neil

      I’m on Vodafone contract & no sign of it yet.

  21. Mäx

    Switzerland….no update….

  22. Niklas

    Finland got it… Wohoo! Now this phone is getting even better. Just wait ’till you get this update!

  23. jason

    Nothing in UK yet. But I bought mine from O2 as a sim_free one that was locked to O2. I got O2 to unlock it but does that now mean my update will come straight from HTC or do I still have to wait for O2?

  24. Pham Tuan Son

    Viet nam… no update…,get out HTC.

  25. ceejay

    any possibility to make the phone believe its in norway, to get the update?
    any thoughts on that?

  26. zxcvbad

    Unlocked HTC One ( CID HTC_001) has the largest userbase so I think one of the last to get the update. This will probably be so the update has been proven to have no major bugs in the other regions.

  27. Ryan

    Poor France seems not to deserve the update yet…
    Why are you so mean HTC, hurry the fuck up,, I’ve already been waiting too long for this update!

  28. NZHTC

    Nothing here in New Zealand. Still waiting….. 🙁

  29. Dzovis

    No update yet. UK, Seaham.

  30. E.P.

    Nothing here in Italy today 08-07-2013

  31. SNESFanatic

    Germany nothin until Today 08.07.13 15:05

  32. Miguel Costa

    Nothing in Angola, Africa…

  33. Dimitris

    Nothing in Greece as of 16:00 July 9th.

  34. Enrico

    Nothing in Rep. of Venice

  35. selim

    nothing in Turkey…

  36. pq

    No update yet, leeds, west yorks

  37. cbt

    Still waiting in canada

  38. Shah Reza Abdul

    Got it in malaysia…truly superb update….

  39. 12/July/13 Still no update here for me – HTC One 4.1.2 – UK, Wales

  40. Ryu

    In central Stockholm and was also in London this week, the UK does not have it and Sweden certainly doesn’t!
    Hurry up HTC.. And you might want to check the validity if your sources before posting locales down.
    I repeat, not in Sweden and not in England.

  41. Andi Hope

    JUst to let my fellow Brits know, the 4.2.2 update is now offically available to UK sim-free unlocked handsets. Woooooooooooooo-Hoooooooooo, no more ugly on screen menu key taking up my screen real estate!!!

    • Dzovis

      What about those with contract? ;/

  42. Dzovis

    Downloading mine right now. F**k yeeeah. Seaham UK.

  43. Ryan

    As for me, France! Seems like the firmware is now available for another part of Europe! Finally!

  44. Mostafa

    When coming to Germany ?!!!