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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC Butterfly to receive Sense 5 update by the end of May

HTC Butterfly to receive Sense 5 update by the end of May

It looks like the HTC Butterfly will be the first device in HTC’s lineup to be updated to HTC sense 5.0. According to Focus Taiwan, the new software update for the HTC Butterfly will give the device quite a few of the features which are currently unique to the HTC One. BlinkFeed and a camera slideshow function (we’re assuming they are referring to Video Highlights) have made the cut, but we’re not exactly sure if the update will also include the massive UI update which distinctly sets Sense 5 apart from Sense 4+.

We’ve known since February that HTC has been working on Sense 5 updates for global variants of HTC One X, One X+, One S and the HTC Butterfly. Since the HTC Droid DNA is a variant of the HTC Butterfly, we’re going to assume that HTC is also working on an update for that device as well. Since Verizon has tight control over when/if updates are rolled out to their devices, we wouldn’t be surprised if we go another month or two before we hear anything official.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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  1. SG

    Any news on that? Still no update available for the Butterfly in Germany.

  2. rayaz

    Looks like the launch of the HTC Butterfly S, has meant no updates for the existing Butterfly until this comes out.

    Sad that HTC continues its delayed updates, I really don’t understand with HTC struggling for sales compared to Samsung, they really need to rebuild their image (just like Sony had to after the X10 update fiasco?).

    My personal opinion is that if HTC is feels that providing updates is going to loose sales for their new phones (because owners don’t have a reason to switch), they really do not need to fear as the newer phones are ultra cool and existing users would be able to sell their phones far more easily and then move on to new phones.

    • SG

      @rayaz, agree. They will not lose any sales because of software updates. The reverse is true – if they don’t provide updates, I would think about buying phones of other manufacturer in the future. Come on HTC, the more people are using Sense 5 the more it will be a real success.