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HTC Source | December 14, 2017

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Unnamed HTC executive admits Ultrapixel senor shortage to blame for the HTC One delay

Unnamed HTC executive admits Ultrapixel senor shortage to blame for the HTC One delay

Ten days ago, HTC One component supply shortage rumors suggested that HTC would have a hard time building enough devices for its global March launch. Since then, HTC has issued a statement that some HTC One pre-orders would be fulfilled before the end of March, but most markets would not be getting the HTC One until April. At the time, HTC did not reveal the reason for the delayed launch, but an unnamed HTC executive has stepped forward to shed lights on the situation. As it turns out, the rumors which suggested HTC was having a hard time sourcing enough Ultrapixel camera components was spot on.

“HTC has had difficulty in securing adequate camera components as it is no longer a tier-one customer.”

HTC has not issued an official statement regarding the issue, and we doubt they will. While it’s nice to know that a few lucky customers in Europe are already enjoying the HTC One and its Ultrapixel camera, we’re extremely disappointed that T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint have yet to announce a launch date for the device. We’ve been told by HTC that the HTC One’s delay will not effect the U.S. launch, but we have our doubts that the device will be available to us before the end of March – let alone the rumored March 22nd launch date.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  1. Neil

    I really like the HTC One & if I could try a demo version, I would be very interested in buying.

    However with this issue that HTC now has to convince suppliers that they are a “tier 1” customer – I am now a little bit worried. If they can’t get the parts – they can’t make the phone. I have a feeling unless things seriously improve, HTC will go under.

    Unfortunately for the moment I will have to hold off buying the phone. There is no point in buying it, if a week / month later the company goes under.

    • starmoon

      this is a TROLL or a FAKE !?

    • HTC has been struggling lately, but the company has enough money in its coffers to go on for 2-3 more years even if they don’t make any profit in the time span. If you like and HTC and its products, the best thing you can do is purchase the HTC One and help them out.

  2. Nick

    I really am not liking the way this once-profitable company is going. The only place they have yet to come up short with this phone is quality but that is okay. I just hope they get back on their feet so that we can see more phones like this bad boy floating around the market.

    • SimonH

      The biggest error in my opinion is dropping their winning formula and opting for one low end, one middle and one high end is short sighted. What works for Apple won’t work for anyone but apple.

      Samsung are the other extreme in flooding the market and short life/support cycles.

      Given win 7 & 8 support ends early next year, their market isn’t windows. There will be a lot of unhappy unsupported handset owners especially with no word from Microsoft If windows mobile is continuing or ending.

      So if Nokia jump to android, HTC will be finished.

  3. Neil

    I think the best thing to do for the moment is to hold off buying the One until at least a month after it is “officially” released. At least at that point we will know where HTC is going (if at all).

    From what I am seeing people are (yet again) having problems with the battery (why is this a constant problem with HTC?)

    If you a leave it a month, then hopefully this will be sorted out (& any other problems as well).

    There is no denying that the One is a superb phone but like all new phone releases – there are always a few hiccups at launch.

  4. musso

    This phone has caught my interest ever since its launch but with all these news I’m a little worried that what happened to my Sensation could happen to my supposedly future-owned One. What if HTC goes through the worst and the One never sees the light of Android 5.0? It would be a totally stray or forsaken piece of hardware(minus rooting).

    I guess we’ll see how it goes when it reaches my shores. Of course I’ll do what I can to support HTC because the One seems brilliant and just has to be the one to pull HTC out of this mess.

    • SimonH

      Don’t mention the sensation.

      Sick of my XE crashing sense almost constantly and having to wait upto a minute to be able to use it.