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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC DROID DNA gets an unlocked bootloader and root access before official launch

HTC DROID DNA gets an unlocked bootloader and root access before official launch

Well, that didn’t take long! The HTC Droid DNA seems to be following suit like many other newer phones coming out. The HTC DROID DNA has been rooted and its bootloader can be unlocked!

Users will have to register at and go through the process of unlocking the bootloader. Though there is no official listing for the HTC Droid DNA, select “all other models” to get yourself started with HTC’s official bootloader unlocking process.

As for the rooting process (you need to have unlocked the bootloader first), you simply have to flash an unsecured kernel in fastboot, flash clockwork mod recovery, and boot into recovery in order to install a root zip file (link with instructions from XDA will be at the bottom).

What are the benefits of rooting and unlocking the HTC DROID DNA?

DISCLAIMER: If you find your phone to your liking and are not familiar with rooting and unlocking the phone in the first place you should consider reading more about the processes as some are a bit complex for beginners to attempt and can pose serious risk to your phone and warranty. I, nor anyone else on is responsible for anything that goes wrong should you unlock and root your phone.

With root access, users are able to control many aspects of the phone which are typically locked down. One of the featured unlocked with root is the ability to gain control ovr the clock speed of the CPU. Witha few tweaks, users can set up various profiles for when the screen is off and when the screen is on – saving battery life and increasing performance. A popular name for setting the processor faster than it originally runs is called overclocking. In essence you are telling the processor to run faster than originally set which can significantly increase performance on the device however I do not believe this device will necessarily need overclocking with a quad-core 1.5 GHz processor. I believe a more popular method, underclocking (setting the CPU to run at lower speeds), will be utilized the most on this device. Underclocking can help extend the battery life of the phone and with a non-removable 2,020 mAH battery and some less-than-average battery reports we can expect users to see good results with this method.

Furthermore, root users can also install (more commonly in the root world called “flashing”) custom software called “ROMs” or “Kernels” onto their phone. ROMs are all the software you see and interact with on the device. The benefit to installing custom ROMs is the availability of newer features that may be included with future official updates or a newer UI. Developers may also implement newer features in their ROMs which are self-made which can aesthetically alter the devices skin. Kernels, on the other hand, alter how your device runs. Kernels play a significant part in overclocking as they may overclock and undervolt the processor, keeping good performance and longer battery life in a place where they can live in unison.

The choice of altering your phone is yours. If you choose to go down this path, make sure you follow directions to a cue and that you get any questions you have answered before you try to flash any software. The ability for those with Android phones to make their phones truly theirs through rooting is what really sets Android handsets apart from their contenders. Happy rooting!

Ready to root your HTC DROID DNA? Head over to XDA-Developers and be sure to follow the instructions.


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  1. no thanks

    Funny that this just went up. This is old news. The link is obsolete. There is actually a much newer (and much easier) work-around now available. even the new work-around will not work if you have installed the latest OTA. Given the fact that all new Droid DNAs are shipping with the OTA pre-installed, this device is on lockdown for all new DNA users. We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope the good folks at XDA will have something new for us very soon.

  2. jay

    man you guys should do your research before you post stuff and should be and should be willing to pull down information that is not correct. you guys know thus doesn’t work just by reading the comments posted

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