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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Rumor: HTC device to join army of new Nexus handsets this fall

Rumor: HTC device to join army of new Nexus handsets this fall

The rumors of a follow-up device to the original HTC-made Nexus One have been floating around since the device hit the market nearly three year ago. In the past, Google has partnered with only one handset manufacturer to introduce the latest version of Android, but reports surfaced earlier this year that Google’s approach to the Nexus program could be changing. New details indicate that Google has some “huge changes” in the works which could lead to multiple Nexus devices from a variety of manufacturers as long as the latest version of stock Android is used, the devices feature 64 MB of secure memory for media streaming and custom user interfaces are housed within a new “customization center” which will be introduced with Android 4.2 and a few hardware requirements which are needed to ensure compatibility with next year’s Android 5.0 update.

Accompanying the rumored changes to the Nexus program is a new report from industry sources which claim HTC will be joining Samsung, Sony and LG in developing Nexus devices.

[quote]Google aims to launch smartphones based on its Nexus 7 platform in cooperation with a number of smartphone branded vendors with Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Sony Mobile Communications and HTC likely to be potential partners, said the sources.[/quote]

On the surface, these details appear to confirm the HTC Nexus 5 rumor. A previous report claimed that HTC is working on a Nexus variant of the HTC DROID Incredible 5 which is expected to have a 5-inch 180p display and a quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor. We still have a hard time believing the rumor, but it is the only piece of Nexus information that we have so far which ties back to HTC.

Taylor from Android and Me believes that the new Nexus program details will be publicly announced at AllThingsD later this month, with new Nexus devices making their debut in early November.

If you could build your own HTC Nexus device, what would the spec sheet look like? Do you want a device like the HTC DROID Incredible X with a massive 1080p display or would a device like the One S with a better display, more powerful processor and beefed up batter do the trick?

Source: Android and Me, DigiTimes

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  1. HeyGuys

    Pretty much the HTC OneX+ with 2gigs of RAM and a slightly bigger battery 🙂

  2. Frettfreak

    Top of the line specs in a 4.5″ scrren

  3. anaron

    Pretty much like the rumored HTC One x5 (5inch, 1080p, 480ppi sceen and the Quadcore S4), but I’d like to have 2GB of RAM and either 64GB built in memory or 32GB+microSD. To be perfect the screen would be an AMOLED. That would be my perfect device.

    From what is rumored about the HTC One X5 my only real nogo is that it is supposed to have only 16GB memory without a microSD Slot to upgrade. 16GB just does not do it. 32GB should be the minimum concidered.

  4. HTCJunkie

    I would just like to have a vanilla version of the HTC ONE X+ with more RAM and removeable battery and SD slot.