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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC One X+ picture reveals T-Mobile branding

HTC One X+ picture reveals T-Mobile branding

It’s no secret that HTC has been working on the HTC One X+ with an upgraded NVIDIA Tegra 3 Plus chip. There’s been evidence that T-Mobile was testing the HTC One X+ and even featured it on its fall roadmap as the HTC Era 42, and now we have a picture which shows off the new device featuring T-Mobile’s logo right above the display.

What we don’t know is if the T-Mobile HTC One X+ will ever be released to consumers. Multiple sources claim that the device has been cancelled or put on the back burner due to testing issues. Our own source claims that the T-Mobile HTC One X+ has been delayed. So what does the newly leaked image of the T-Mobile HTC One X+ actually reveal? The image confirms that T-Mobile was working with HTC to launch the HTC One X+ and that a black device may have been the color of choice. Beyond that, the image is completely useless since we’ve known for a while that the device would look identical to the HTC One X.

It’s not often that a service provider like T-Mobile goes through the hassle of testing a new phone simply to cancel the project due to testing issues. TmoNews suggests that T-Mobile may have canceled the launch of the HTC One X+ to focus on a  yet-to-be-announced handset. If you asked us, the only upcoming devices worthy of shelving the HTC One X+ for would be the HTC DROID Incredible X or Google Nexus 5.

Source: evleaks

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  1. Blaze

    C’mon HTC, we’ve been waiting for this device tooling already… Freaking release this device!

    • Blaze

      *too long

  2. HTCJunkie

    I have been following this phones for months now. I just need an alternative to the SGS3 ! I hate Samsungs shitty build quality. And please dont say the Nexus5….I need something that actually fits in my pocket and doesnt make me look like a retard when Im talking on it. (IE not a giant calculator)

  3. Willow

    Same here, been waiting for this phone so I can replace my old Nexus 1.

    • Noel

      U read my mind Willow…it will either be this device hopefully with pure JB on Tmo
      OR one of the JB Nexus device/devices. Time to put my N1 on a second retirement..i did retire it b4 after i got the GNex but after i sent the GNex back, the N1 was called back on duty. Also eagerly waiting to see if there will be a JB Nexus by HTC..first choice for me.