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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Exclusive: 5-inch HTC DLX phablet to feature quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage

Exclusive: 5-inch HTC DLX phablet to feature quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage

[box_light]UPDATE: a new press shot of the 5-inch HTC phone has leaked, revealing the possible name of the GSM version of the device.[/box_light]

It turns out that the HTC 6435LVW is everything we were hoping for. A reliable source has confirmed that the devices does feature a 5-inch 1080p HD display and is nearly identical to the mysterious black HTC device we’re already seen.  Our source has confirmed a 480ppi display, quad-core Snapdragon S4, 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. He also points out that there is a second notification LED for calls/missed alerts/charging on the back of the device near the camera.

Currently, the device is being referred to as the HTC DLX (Deluxe), but the name is still up in the air. Our source believes that the HTC phablet will be marketed under the DROID name due to the “red techno” background and an unmistakable robotic “DROID” notification sound.

While a 5-inch phablet from HTC would need active pen input to directly compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note II, our source was not able to get the HTC Scribe pen from the Flyer to work with the device. It could be that the software has not yet been enabled, but we’re doubtful that the HTC DLX will feature active pen support. HTC has also decided not to equip the HTC DLX  with a microSD card slot for external storage and the battery is said to be non-removable. This news will certainly be a disappointment to many.

Our source has been reliable in the past, but some of the details he has presented so not directly match up with previous rumors about the HTC 6435LVW. Benchmark scores have shown the HTC 6435LVW is powered by a dual-core Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 with a 1794 x 1080 display featuring a pixel density of 418ppi.

As of now, the HTC DLX (HTC Deluxe) is the device I am most excited about. The HTC One X+ with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 Plus will certainly make a lot of people happy, but the prospect of having a phone with Qaulcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon S4 with a 5-inch 1080p display is too compelling to overlook.

About Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. George

    I agree with what you said in the last paragraph.

    I`m waiting for a quad-core S4 device from HTC and i also hope that this chip will be on their next tablet too.

    Anyway, 4 days remaining. 😀

  2. Brian

    Ahh it all sounded so perfect, until I got to “HTC has also decided not to equip the HTC DIx with a microSD card slot for external storage and the battery is said to be non-removable.”

    This just kills me. A device so close to perfect specs-wise. I don’t care if you have to make it an extra 2 mm thicker, just let me remove the battery and add expandable storage!

  3. phil

    Aw man!!! I don’t get it. What’s wrong with this company? Another suicide, it’s simple to make a hit. Big capacity and removable battery,microSD card slot. I’m tired of it why they don’t listen their customers?

    • Die-hard smartphone users want these features, but HTC has done its research. The majority of consumers want something more pocketable and don’t care about having a removable battery or external storage. just think how much bigger a device with a 5-inch display would be if it was 1mm thicker. Here’s some quick numbers:

      HTC One X: 83.587 cubic cm
      1mm thicker: 92.978 cubic cm – 11.23% larger
      2mm thicker: 102.37 cubic cm – 22.47% larger

      This device will already be substantially larger than the One X. Add another mm or two and it would be so big than most people wouldn’t bother even looking at it.

      • trob6969

        No HTC hasn’t done its research. If they did they would know that the consumers who preach about ‘pocketability’ just so happen to be people who buy iPhones. And they only came up with that argument to counter Android customer’s ‘superior’ specs argument…I own the HTC rezound and love it but was very excited to buy the DLX until the “no expandable memory and no removable battery” thing came up! Well if that’s true JYC won’t be getting my money!

  4. phil

    What do you say it’s maybe the true Nick. I don’t know on which this research was conducted. One thing for sure the galaxy note has a huge success because of this characteristics.So it’s just depressing to see that htc don’t learn about these mistakes.They push their most loyal customers to Samsung.

    • Eric R

      I’ve worked in marketing for years and managed market research projects. It’s always interesting to see how our clients are shocked about the research numbers we give them. What’s at play here is the difference between general consumers and smartphone fans.

      General consumers don’t buy extra storage cards
      General consumers don’t buy extended batteries or replacement batteries
      General consumers do very little research on their own
      General consumers rely on sales reps to tell them what they need
      General consumers don’t care about specifications
      General consumers do care about marketing and peer recommendations

      The fact that we’re all here reading about a rumored device on a fan site means we are not general consumers. We are the vocal htc, android or smartphone “fanboy” minority which represents less than 10% of the population which own smartphones.

      Just because you want these features, does not mean you are in the majority. And I doubt the Galaxy Note was successful because it had “these characteristics.” Honestly, the last thing that’s on my mind when I’m buying a new phone is external storage and replaceable battery.

      • trob6969

        What you say is true, BUT a company should promote the advantages of its products to make those who don’t research aware that what these features bring is more beneficial than otherwise. Instead of just brushing aside what the niche market wants.

      • Mike

        Your right about the difference between smartphone fans and General consumers. However the sales rep selling the phone will be a fan, and if they are not behind it, sales will hurt. People don’t know shit, so they listen to the fan boys that sell them, so while they don’t know to care about a removable battery or expandable storage, there sales person does

  5. trob6969

    WTF! HTC can keep that phone IF it doesn’t have an SD slot and removable battery!…HTC should think along its own lines instead of stepping backwards to mimic iPhone’s lack of up-to-par specs!

  6. Anonymous

    HTC will continue to fall into mediocrity if it ignores the markets request for the microsd slot at larger battery

    specs mean nothing if battery life is poor or there isn’t enough memory for all your data (cloud is insecure trash and requires the usage of your precious expensive data, which may not be avail all the time)

    • Anonymous

      and* larger battery

      • trob6969

        Exactly…its just ridiculous to me that this huge company can’t seem to figure out what an average ‘Joe’ like you and me can with common sense.

        • Eric R

          You’re reading an HTC fan site! In what world does that make you an average Joe?!

          • trob6969

            My reference to being an ‘average Joe’ was ONLY in regards of the normal, logical consumer…C’mon now, I wasn’t being literal.

  7. Franky

    The only disappointing thing about this DROID Incredible X is the lack of Scribe pen support. I’m digging the quad-core processor and 1080p display. 1.5gb of ram should be enough to keep this thing chugging along for a few years.

    I’m getting tired of people complaining about non-removable batteries. HTC will make sure it has enough juice to get through a day. Do you really need more than that? Die-hard Android fans will probably buy a new phone before the battery start to age anyways.


    No micro SD, no removalble battery? I don’t care how great your phone is. Your NOT getting my money.

  9. amit

    buddy kindly let me know will this device come to india or not? I am eager to know that?

  10. Oliver

    This phone looks great. If these specs are true i will buy it!

  11. Thomas

    If it has 32GB/64GB version, it must be success and I will buy it!!!

  12. Yu Siong

    htc is copying apple’s style but in an epic fail manner …. they should make an extensive upgrade !

    • trob6969

      extensive upgrade?! You must be kidding. This phone is a BIG upgrade over the iPhone 5 in every way (except the non removable battery and lack of SD is the same…IF this article is accurate)

  13. Ghareeb Saeed

    I think sony is gonna kick some ass with their new products I think Xperia Tx, T and V are the next boom devices !! so long HTC!

    • trob6969

      Those Sony phones may be as good as what’s on the market now but they don’t compare to this HTC phone.

      • Ghareeb Saeed

        Believe me they are sir!

  14. PedroEscobar

    I’m currious why people think they need extra batteries? If your usage dictates longer battery life buy a couple extra chargers for your desk and car… If that doesn’t suffice, do what I did and pick up one of HTC’s battery packs for your bag. As a heavy user, I haven’t had an issue of making it through the day with any problem. I just make sure I charge it when I have access to power (desk, car, house). Even if I forget, I’m still getting through a day without issue in most cases…

    • DaB00mK1ng

      How about because some of us travel for extended periods of time? I want a bigger battery, or a removable battery so I can buy extra ones because I am no where NEAR an external power source. The few times I am can’t be tied down to an outlet for 90 minutes waiting for a full charge. Not everyone has a simple life like you where you are in a car or a “desk”. Some of us spend most of our time in an airport, plane, back of a taxi, etc.

      • dhughes710

        Damn hate more? u mad bro

  15. Roman

    I want to buy a top-end phone, which will please me at all. OK, non-removable battery is not bad (not good but not bad). But the lack of a memory card slot – absurd! I want to not just 16/32 GB of internal memory, but also a giant flash drives support (up to 64/128 GB!). Okay. Maybe I have enough 32 GB of internal memory and Microsd (up to 32/64 GB). But all the high-end HTC phones do not have this. Moreover, One S has only 16 GB of memory (maybe I want more memory, and this phone (not One X). Why not One S 16/32/64 Gb, One X 16/32/64 Gb, One XL 16 / 32/64 Gb. Why? If HTC as hard to support memory cards, why are so severely limit the rights in the amount of memory on the phone (16 Gb for One S – they laugh or what?). Anyone who chooses a powerful phone look :
    Galaxy S3 (16/32/64 Gb with MicroSD) – I have enough memory.
    HTC One S / X 16/32 Gb without the possibility of expansion … And he spat on all technological HTC. He will buy Samsung.

    If HTC will continue to make phones without slots for MicroSD cards, we will see how it will appear on the bottom. Analysts explain the poor condition of HTC intense competition. And they are right – a top phone must be strong in all.
    Apple may refuse to slot MicroSD. Strong brand. Buy the phone because it’s Apple, not because of technology.
    Why Samsung was able to make a thin phone with support for MicroSD, and HTC can not?

    Now imagine. You take with your phone round the world trip! Will be written to a lot of video, and made a lot of pictures. When the phone has a card slot, it’s simple! When the place is over – you replace the memory card (purchased before the trip several flash cards to 32 GB). On One S / X is only Dropbox. But there are places where the Internet is not available. Trip marred.

  16. Victor

    As stated before, extra memory is not necessary anymore. You can save to dropbox or g-drive and you are set. If no internet access no problem, save it anyways to either one of those and when you have access to the internet it will sync and voila, you got it! removable battery? Well, get an extra charger, problem solved. Or spend your time working instead of facebooking all day. I have an HTC Thunderbolt. Lots of complaints from others, I have none so far. Bought it the first day it came out. It came with 8gb internal and 32gb microsd installed. I have about 30gb left on it after all this time.This new phone sounds amazing and I’m sure it will be. Samsung is not anywhere as good as HTC. HTC Sense can not be beaten by anyone in the market. Can’t wait!

  17. Luc

    If they use 2GB of RAM, a microSD slot, a beefy (non-removable) 3500mAh battery and a stylus I’ll buy 10 of them 🙂 wouldn’t hurt to have two LED flashes as well 😉

  18. Adam

    Who told them to make it 5″, then later be concerned about it may get too big if it has removable battery and they could have made it so you could put memory card in the side of phone rather than taking the back cover off then putting in memory card in.

    Also why copy Apple thats just sad, really sad! No wonder they sue!

    Should be Unique from everyone else.

  19. I consider myself a tech guy. So when a company comes out with a new product, I try to evaluate it fairly. The specs on this new HTC sound incredible but I truly think that the lack of external memory and no ability to take out the battery is a negative. I’m not sure I understand the point to this.
    Over the years, I’ve had my phone freeze up plenty and the only thing that really works is to take out the battery and reset it. I’m pretty positive the new HTC will have it’s freeze moments.
    As for the memory issue, I take lots of videos and use multiple SD cards. Drop box and other clouds are nice but it’s not exactly fast to backup 30gb’s of data over a 4G line. And it uses my new plan’s data package with Verizon. I used to have unlimited but when you get a new phone you have to get their new data package.

    Honestly, I think Verizon and HTC are doing this on purpose. They want you to use more data. That’s how they make money. Same with Apple. The more data you use, the more money they make. That’s the real reason for no external memory support.

    • If you have issues with a phone freezing, you can always reset it by holding the power and volume keys. Not need to pull the battery. Cloud storage issue you pointed out can easily be remedied. As you know, you get 25GB of Drop Box storage with new HTC device. The pictures and videos you capture on the phone are automatically backed up to the service as soon as they are captured. If you don’t want to use your data plan, there’s the option to do backup only when connected to WiFi. I’ve been doing this since I got my One S and have not had any issues at all.

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