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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC HD2 price revealed, shipping in October

September 25, 2009 |

It this point, I’m a bit surprised that we still have not gotten any official release information about the HTC HD2 from HTC. Pocketnow has just received anther tip that suggests the HTC HD2 will be released in the Netherlands some time before the end of October. Price of the new handset will be hovering between 550-600 Euros. The HTC HD2 is still expected to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a multi-touch capacitive touch screen. However, Pocketnow notes that the multi-touch functionality will not work in Pocket Internet Explorer. This shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone, especially since Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 does not officially support capacitive screens or any multi-touch functionality out of the box.

Source: PocketNow

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HTC Touch HD2 gets spotted. Wait isn’t that the Leo?

September 20, 2009 |

 HTC Leo HD2
This week, the HTC Leo has been showing its face quite a bit.  We’ve seen pictures, videos, and more but now the Leo is getting a new name.  Feast your eyes on the new HTC touch HD2.  According to the Greek tech blog… Techblog, the HTC Leo will be launched as the Touch HD2 as opposed the the PRO.THREE wording we’ve been seeing on the back of the unit.  Techblog was also able to confirm the 1GHz processor, Windows Mobile 6.5, LED flash for the digital camera 4.3 inch capacitive screen, 1200 mAh battery, and a surprising micro USB data/charging connection.  

Source: Techblog


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HTC Leo gets pinched, shows off capacitive screen

September 16, 2009 |

One of the biggest gripes that a lot of Windows Mobile users have with the platform is that it still does not officially support capacitive screens. Microsoft has made known that they are committed to bringing capacitive screen support to Windows Mobile, but we still have no hard date on when this will happen. Fortunately for us, HTC does not seem to care. The HTC Hero added multi-touch support to the Hero when Android didn’t support it and now it appears they are adding a capacitive screen and multi-touch support to the upcoming HTC Leo. The video shows off the new handset as it swipes and zooms through HTC’s stock images they have been putting on their phones for the past year or so. Towards the end of the clip, the user even uses the pinch-zoom to zoom into a video while it is playing. I’m not sure why Microsoft is still holding out on us, but I’m sure glad that HTC is willing to listed to customers and take it upon themselves to deliver the best products on the market.

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TouchFLO 3D 2.6 shows why HTC Leo will need Snapdragon

September 15, 2009 |

Yesterdays pictures of the HTC Leo gave us quite a bit to chew on. The incredibly beautiful 4.3 inch screen and a 1024 MHz Qualcomm 8250B Snapdragon processor are two icon features that will make the HTC Leo outshine most other Windows Mobile handsets. But I’m imagining that many of you might be a little baffled as to why HTC chose such a powerful processor on a Windows Mobile handset. The truth is, there are not that many resource intensive apps on the Windows Mobile platform. The Leo will be running on the latest and greatest Windows Mobile 6.5 release, but that still does not justify a jump from a 528 MHz processor to 1024 MHz. I couldn’t figure this one out until I happened upon the video from you see above. Apparently, they got their hands on an early release of the HTC Leo ROM built with the latest TouchFLO 3D 2.6 back in August and loaded it onto an HTC HD. What you’re about to see in nothing short of amazing. Probably the coolest feature of TouchFLO 3D has always been the weather tab on the interface. The animated graphics have always been beautiful, but now HTC has taken the weather from simply being a tab on the UI and has made it the entire background. TouchFLO 2.6 has also received substantial tweaks to the calendar, music, albums, and Footprints tabs. You’ll notice that the UI in the video is quite laggy. The Touch HD is running a Qualcomm® MSM 7201A™ 528 MHz processor which just over half the processing power that the HTC Leo is expected to have.

Is it just me or are Windows Mobile 6.5 handsets looking a lot more attractive these days?


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HTC Leo pictures surface

September 14, 2009 |

The HTC Leo has finally been spotted in the flash. Many were speculating that the renderings that surfaced a few weeks back were fakes, but the images posed up on prove otherwise.  If you’ve played with HTC’s Touch Pro2, you already know that the 3.6" screen is a delight to use.  The HTC Leo takes HTC screen sized to a new level, offering 4.3 inches with 800×480 pixels for your viewing pleasure.  Fortunately for us, that huge screen size is not the pinnacle of the HTC Leo’s spec sheet.  The Leo will be running on Qualcomm’s new 8250B processor which offers 1024 MHz of processing power. 

Don’t expect to see the HTC Leo in stores for a while still.  I’d speculate we will see an official announcement of the HTC Leo before the end of the month, giving it a late November of early December launch timeframe. 

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A few more details, specs, and images of the HTC Touch2

September 2, 2009 |

HTC Touch2
As you can imagine, the HTC Touch2 is not going to be that top-of-the-line handset that will shatter the competition.  The touch2 will be powered by a Qualcomm® MSM7225™, 528 MHz processor and fill be running the latest version of TouchFLO2D (Manila 2D) which does not have all the cool animations and transitions as TouchFLO3D.  However at 104 X 55 X 12.9 mm (4.1 X 2.16 X 0.51 inches), the HTC Touch2 will be a little shorted and nearly a full millimeter thinned than the Touch Diamond2. More official press shots and a full specification list after the break.

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HTC Touch2 will be first HTC handset with Windows Mobile 6.5

September 2, 2009 |

Today, HTC unveiled their latest Windows Mobile phone, the HTC Touch2 (previously known as the HTC Mega).  Despite what the name seems to indicate, the Touch2 is actually the fourth iteration of the original HTC Touch.  Like the Diamond2 and Pro2, the new Touch2 has lost its d-pad but has added a zoom bar right under the 2.8-inch TFT-LCD display.  Even though the other two handsets mentioned above will be getting Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrades later this year, the HTC Touch2 will be the first HTC handset to ship with Microsoft’s updates OS.   The Touch2 will sport 512 MB of ROM, 256 MB RAM, Bluetooth 2.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, GPS, 3.2MP camera (fixed focus), and a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can listen to all your music with new Bose headphones you just picked up.  HTC is expecting to start shipping the HTC Touch2 on October 6 with broad availability in a variety of European and Asian markets in early Q4 2009.

For more details, check out the full press release after the jump.

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