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HTC Source | July 27, 2017

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News updated for HTC’s Android phones.

T-Mobile G1’s being shipped

October 15, 2008 |

If you have not noticed, there are thousands of eager G1 fans waiting for the delivery of their T-Mobile G1 pre-order units. When I ordered my G1 on the day it was announced, I was given a message that said my G1 would be delivered before October 22. Since October 22 is the official G1 launch in T-Mobile’s retail locations, the assumption was that everyone who was able to place their pre-order within the first week or so would get their phones on October 22.

This may not be the case. There are reports on various forums and blogs that G1’s are already shipping to various parts on the country. Android Community has an extensive thread with dozens of people reporting the same thing. At the moment it seem only people on the West Coast (mainly southern California and Washington State) are able to access their tracking information on, but I’m sure as the day progresses, more users will be chiming in and adding their city to the list.

If you did pre-order the T-Mobile G1 you are probably aware that T-Mobile will not be sending out UPS tracking numbers for your order. However, you can track the phone by using your cell phone number or the main cell number for your T-Mobile account. Here’s a few steps on how you can do this.

1. Go to
2. On the top menu, click the "Tracking" button
3. Once on the Tracking page, click the "Track by Reference" link on the left menu
4. Once the page loads, use your cell phone number in the "Shipping Reference" field
****Make sure you enter your number like this 555-555-5555, if you leave out the dashes this will not work*****
5. Fill in the date range
6. Hit the "track" button at the bottom of the page

If you’re T-Mobile G1 has been entered into the system it should give you some details on the tracking. Many people are still getting messages saying that UPS can not locate the shipment details at this time.

Confirmed 5 States – if you have a confirmation, lease us a message letting us know which state you are in
NV (thanks Rudy)
OR (thanks Chris)
RI (thanks haitiankid4lyf)
WA (thanks David)

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T-Mobile G1 reaches 1.5 Million Pre-orders

October 12, 2008 |

T-Mobile G1
We first got wind that T-Mobile had run through their initial allotment of pre-order G’s more than a week ago. A few days later we received word that T-Mobile tripled their order with ITCH for pre-order units (though they would not be delivered to customers on October 22). Now it seems like T-Mobile may have already pre-sold 1.5 million T-Mobile G’s.

T-Mobile and Google have a lot to prove with the G1. T-Mobile is using the phone as it’s anchor device for their 3G launch this month and Google needs to make sure the G1 launch goes off without a hitch since the success of Android could hang in the balance. If this news turns out to be true, the G1 has already sold nearly double what ITCH, Google, and T-Mobile had forecast for the entire year and we still have not started the holiday shopping season yet.

One other things to keep in mind is that the 1.5 million pre-ordered units are all going to existing T-Mobile customers. T-Mobile stores will be all stocked up on October 22 for those who want to get their hands on the G1 who are currently not T-Mobile customers. News like this is pretty exciting, but I’m sure we won’t be seeing people lined up outside T-Mobile stores as we saw with the iPhone release, but lets just hope we are wrong.


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T-Mobile G1 pre-orders to go through Octobr 21

October 4, 2008 |

We got word last weekend that T-Mobile had burned through their innitial allotment of pre-order G1’s. Then, they started selling them again through their website. Now, T-Mobile has confirmed that they will still be taking pre-orders for the G1 all the way up to October 21, the day before the G1 hits T-Mobile stores across the nation. There is a catch though, the G1’s ordered between now and October 21 will not be showing up on your front door on October 22. T-Mobile has stated that the handsets would be shipped as early as November 10, nearly two weeks after they show up at retail. If you ask me, if you have not ordered your G1 by now, simply wait till launch day and hit up your nearest T-Mobile store as early as you can. We do not know how many units each T-Mobile store will be alloted, but I’m sure you’ll have a good chance of picking one up before they run out.

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Best Buy to sell G1

October 2, 2008 |
Customers interested in picking up the T-Mobile G1 will be given a few more options. No, there’s no new colors available for the G1, but there are new stores that will be carrying the device. T-Mobile seems to have struck a deal with Best Buy. The screen capture above shows that Best Buy locations will be starting to stock the T-Mobile G1 starting on October 26, only days after it will hit shelves in T-Mobile retail locations. This is a great way to spread the news about the G1 and Android. If T-Mobile simply kept the phone in their stores, only current customers or people who are interested in the G1 would ever come in to take a look at it. Having the G1 in Best Buy locations gives them the opportunity to show the phone off to anyone who may be looking fo any new electronics.


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T-Mobile G1 will ship with 16GB microSDHC card support

October 2, 2008 |

Last week, a lot of people were disappointed to hear that the G1 would not be shipping with support for memory cards higher than 8GB. We were told that the T-Mobile G1 would get a firmware upgrade some time down the road to enable support for SanDisk’s 16GB microSDHC cards. Now it seems Google has had a change of heart. a Google Spokesperson was quoted saying: “We have completed tests, and the new SanDisk 16GB card will run on the current version of Android. No new firmware required.”

This news only seems logical since the technology to run a 8GB microSDHC card is the same for the 16GB card. I’m sure Google simply wanted to test the card out to make sure it would work before telling the world that it would support the card and then have there be a chance that it simply would not work. This news does give us hope that the T-Mobile G1 will also be able to support 32GB microSDHC cards once they hit the market is a year or so.

Currently a 16GB microSDGC card can be purchased at MSRP of $99.99at your local BestBuy store. More retailers are expected to be selling the card within the next month or so. A quick Google search does turn up a few only shops that are practically giving it away at $76 with free shipping and no tax (only if you are located out of state of course).

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T-Mobile G1 Sold Out? Not quite yet

September 30, 2008 |

T-Mobile HTC G1
Over the weekend, it seemed that T-Mobile burned through its stash of the HTC made G1. Unfortunately T-Mobile has not released hard numbers on the amount of units it was putting up for pre-sale to current T-Mobile customers, but 60,000 units is a number we’ve seem thrown around quite a few times lately.

After a few hours of seemingly being sold out, T-Mobile’s order page was back up and running. It could have been a glitch in the system, but I’m going to make the assumption that T-Mobile has allotted some extra units for customers still interested in the pre-order. We still have three weeks and a day before the device hits store shelves and people’s front doors. Let’s see how much longer the pre-sale goes until they finally run out.


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Is the G1 an iPhone killer?

September 26, 2008 |

It definitely has been an incredible week. t-Mobile kicked things off on Tuesday, revealing the HTC made G1, the first Google Android powered handset. The G1 will hit store shelves on October 22 in T-Mobiles recently launched 3G markets across the country. Thousands of current T-Mobile customers have already rushed T-Mobile’s website, to place their pre-orders for the G1 and the excitement in the air can definitely be felt.

Unfortunately there are lot of people who seem to think that the G1 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Being an HTC fan, I would generally have to disagree with a lot of what they have to say, but it seems some do have some legitimate complaints about the Android OS and the G1 itself.

The first round of complaints come from the iPhone fanatics. Over the past few days I have read a few dozen "iPhone vs. G1" articles, which have pitted the phones head to head on specs, performance, and software offerings. It seems the iPhone fanboys are always the quickest and loudest in voicing their opinion that there’s nothing on the market that will beat their iPhone.

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