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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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News updated for HTC’s Android phones.

Pink HTC Hero expected to launch this month in Europe

July 8, 2009 |

The HTC Hero is no stranger to the color pink. The first time we saw the Hero on HTC’s leaked 2009 lineup documents, it was clad in hot pink. I was a bit relieved two weeks ago when the Hero was launched and the hot pink model was nowhere in sight. HTC is now planning on releasing a pink version of the HTC Hero in Europe some time this month. Fortunately, it’s not the same shade of pink that we have all come to know too well. I’m hoping that the introduction of this new color could be an indication that HTC will be launching a handful of new colors for the HTC Hero

Source: UnwiredView

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AppPackTM to bring Visual Voicemail to myTouch 3G and G1?

July 8, 2009 |

The image above really tells the whole story here. We’ve known for a long time that T-Mobile is planning on rolling out Visual Voicemail on their network. T-Mobile virtual tour page for the myTouch 3G gives us an indication that they are planning on having an app on the Android Market called AppPackTM that will give myTouch 3G users (and we’re hoping G1 users) access to Visual Voicemail on their handsets.

If you’re wondering why T-mobile would release Visual Voicemail as an app rather than including it in the phone itself, the answer is quite simple. If the myTouch 3G shipped with this application pre-installed, any updates to it would requite an OTA firmware update. Having AppPackTM on the market will make it a lot easier for T-Mobile to improve the service and push out updates to those who want to use the feature.

Check out the page yourself and be sure to share your thoughts

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T-Mobile myTouch 3G avialable for pre-order

July 8, 2009 |

T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Current T-Mobile customers can now head on over to T-Mobile’s website and pre-order the myTouch 3G.  As expected, you will need to part with $199 if you are eligible for a full upgrade or else they will be charging you $499.  Customers who pre-order the phone can expect to get it in the mail on or before August 3. 

One interesting thing that I noticed on T-Mobile’s site is that the image they are showing off features a custom Home screen which looks very similar to aHome which can be picked up from the Android Market.   I wouldn’t read much into it, but it could be that T-Mobile will be including the app on your phone so that you have more options to customize your myTouch 3G. 

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Video walkthrough of the new T-Mobile myTouch 3G

July 8, 2009 |

T-Mobile has just released a new video which gives us a quick walkthrough, highlighting a few of the features that will be available on the new myTouch 3G when it launches next month. T-Mobile seems to be focusing a lot on how the myTouch 3G can be customized to make it your own. They even show off a few custom back plates you can buy for the phone and apparently you will have the option to create your own with your personal pictures.

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Rogers drops price of the HTC Magic and Dream

July 6, 2009 |

It’s been just over a month since Rogers started selling Android phones and the prices are coming down already.  Both the HTC Magic and HTC Dream can be picked up for only $99 with a new three year contract. The first though to cross my mind is that a price drop like this is great for android and for consumers.  But after taking a step back an assessing the situation, there might be something bigger at play.  Last month, Rogers also launched the iPhone 3G S for $99 as well.  Rogers could be working with HTC to lower the cost so that their Android phones match the price of the iPhone.  It’s hard for any phone to compete against the iPhone if you can’t event beat it on price.

A second scenario could be that Rogers will soon be launching the HTC Hero with the new and improved Sense UI.  Rogers would first want to deplete their current stock of Android phones since I’m quite sure no one would want to buy either of there handsets if they had the option of picking up the Hero. 

Whichever way you look at it, the consumer definitely benefits from this price drop on both handsets.  Lets just hope that T-Mobile USA drops the price of the myTouch 3G a month after launching it.


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HTC Source on Android Guys weekly podcast

July 1, 2009 |

ag_podcast_logo4The past two weeks, I have had the honor of being on the Android Guys weekly podcast. Every week, the Android Guys podcast covers the latest Android news and rumors with Scott from Android Guys and a variety of guests from various Android related blogs across the web. This weeks podcast covered the HTC Hero, augmented reality, and Google’s Adsense entry into the mobile ad/marketing arena. For more details on the podcast, head on over to or you can listen to it through the little widget below. Hope you enjoy!

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Customize your Android phone with HTC Hero wallpapers

June 30, 2009 |

I’m sure by now everyone is trying to find a way to sell their HTC G1 of Magic to save up enough money for the new HTC Hero. We have good news for you. Don’t sell your Android phone for the Hero, just use Hero wallpapers! Ok, it might not be as exciting as having the Sense UI on your phone, but at least it will make you feel like your phone is new and exciting for a few days.

Developers have been hacking and flashing the Hero ROM to the G1 for quite some time now, but someone finally thought it would be a good idea to extract all the wallpapers that the Hero will be shipping with. We’ve got all 25 Hero wallpapers posted after the break, make sure you check it out

Instructions: Just save the images to your desktop or Android phone. The thumbnails are actually 640×480 and have only been resized in the web browser.

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