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HTC Source | November 20, 2017

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News updated for HTC’s Android phones.

Video walkthrough of the Hero’s Sense UI and Perspectives

June 24, 2009 |

We present to you a video walkthrough of HTC Hero’s new Sense user interface and a small peak at the new HTC Perspectives which integrates your contacts on your phone with several social media sites. As we mentioned before, Senses looks a lot like TouchFLO 3D on Windows Mobile. It even has the animated weather with rain drops on your screen. Enjoy!

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HTC Hero global availablility

June 24, 2009 |

 We finally got our official press release email from HTC.  By now, we’ve shared most the information already, but they were kind enough to send us details on when the Hero will be launching and where.  The HTC Hero will be appearing first in Europe, some time in July, followed by an Asian launch in late summer.  North America will need to wait until "later in 2009" before we get our own "distinct" version of the HTC Hero.

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More details on the HTC Hero

June 24, 2009 |

We’re bringing in the news as fast as we can find it. HTC has taken down the Hero’s website for now, but we’ve gotten a few more details about the handset. As we mentioned in the last post, the HTC Hero will be connecting your Gmail contacts with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. HTC is calling this "Perspectives". Also, the HTC Hero will be the first Android handset to ship with native support for Adobe Flash!

Check out the full press release after the break.

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HTC’s website leaks the HTC Hero before the announcement

June 24, 2009 |


We woke up a little early this morning to see if we could bring you some early coverage of HTC’s press event in London.  No word from across the pond quite yet, but HTC web designers accidentally leaked the product page for the HTC Hero before the announcement.  The leaked images of the Rosie Interface has been renamed to HTC Sense, which allows users to use an array of customized widgets that puts the information you want right at your finger tips and on your Android Home screen.  HTC’s Sense also features different profiles which allow you to easily switch between different preset widgets depending what you want to see (work/media/home).  HTC has expanded Android’s contact integration from Google’s simple Gmail contacts to allowing you to view your contacts live streams from Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

The HTC Hero will be powered by a 528MHzQualcomm MSM7200A, has a 3.2-inch TFT-LCD with 320 x 480 screen, 512MB/288MB ROM/RAM, 900/2100MHz HSPA and Quad-band GSM, trackball, GPS, 802.11b/g WiFi, 3.5mm audio jack, G-sensor, compass, and 5 megapixel auto-focus cam with microSD expansion.

Don’t worry, you read that right.  The HTC Hero will have a 3.5mm headphone jack! Now we just have to wait for the official announcement.  Have we mentioned yet that HTC Sense looks very much like TouchFLO 3D on all their Windows Mobile phones?  

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Reminder: HTC’s London press event, June 24 at 11:30am

June 23, 2009 |

HTC Press event in London
I just wanted to give everyone a quick reminder that HTC will be hosting a press event tomorrow morning in London, UK. Things are expected to kick off at 11:30am local time. Most bloggers are expecting HTC to unveil the HTC Hero and the HTC Lancaster (Memphis), but keep in mind that there are quite a few HTC devices that are still expected for this year (Jasper, Magnet, Whitestone, Firestone, Barium, and more). Even though HTC has emphasized that they are concentrating on Android in 2009, Windows Mobile makes up the majority of their sales.

We know what to expect from the HTC Hero, with Rosie and a slew of new widgets. Lets hope HTC has something amazing planned for the Lancaster as well, which is expected to hit the At&t network before the end of the summer. Personally, I’m hoping that HTC gives us a few details on the HTC Magnet. With its unique design, the Magnet should to able to capture the hearts of consumers as a Windows Mobile or and Android handset.

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Adobe announces Flash for Android and Windows Mobile

June 22, 2009 |

 Adobe flash for Android and Windows Mobile
Adobe has officially announced that they will be bringing Flash 10 support to Windows Mobile, Android, and a slew of other mobile operating systems.  Surprisingly, Apple’s iPhone is missing from the mobile roundup.  Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Naraye released the news during Adobe’s latest earnings call.  Adobe’s plan is to release a beta version of Flash for mobile platforms during the Adobe MAX developers conference this October.

Nearly six months ago, we learned that Adobe was working on bringing full Flash support to Android, Windows Mobile and other smartphone operating systems.  At the time we saw a video demonstration of a Flash vidoe playinf on the T-Mobile G1.  For years, Adobe has had a Flash Lite version of their software available for Windows Mobile, but it is very dumber down Flash support.  With Flash 10 support, great HTC handsets are destined to get even better.

The natural benefit of Adobe Flash 10 is that mobile web browsing will become even more like what you get on your desktop.  Android’s browser and Opera 9 already offer extremely dynamic experience, but I am really hoping that developers will see Flash as another development tool to enhance their current applications and use it as a backbone to create more streamlined.

Source: AndroidGuys


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T-Mobile myTouch 3G gets its own website

June 22, 2009 |

The past few days, all our news stories have been revolving around T-Mobile’s version of the HTC Magic. Last week, T-Mobile made an announcement that they were going to announce their second Android phone, then there was the confirmation that the announcement was going to come on Monday. Well… it’s Monday and the announcement has come! T-Mobile has put up a site dedicated to the myTouch 3G, featuring a pre-sale countdown that finishes on July 8. Those who pre-order the myTocuh 3G should expect to get them by the end of July. Engadget is reporting that the price for the new Android phone will be $199 with a new two year agreement. The price point is a bit odd to me since the only difference between the HTC Magic (myTouch) and the HTC Dream (G1) is that the Magic is missing the full QWERTY keyboard, but has a slight memory boost.

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G’s site make reference to a few widgets that we still have not seen.

  • "Themes and skins let you show off your style. You can even customize menus, wallpapers and icons to create an experience that is truly your own."
  • Picasa, weather, and Youtube widgets
  • Exclusive Sherpa app that features shops, restaurants and more

Official T-Mobile myTouch 3G Website

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