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HTC Source | November 18, 2017

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HTC Dream Presale to launch on September 17th

August 12, 2008 |

It’s been an interesting couple of days for HTC and Android. First we get tips from a research company stating that HTC’s Dream would be pushed back till 2009, followed by HTC’s response that stated they are still on track. Then we get a video of what looks to be a working HTC Dream with a slide out QWERTY keyboard and now it seems that T-Mobile will be offering the HTC Dream or the G1 for presale starting September 17th.

A trusted source of TmoNews has indicated that T-mobile will be offering a presale of the G1 (HTC’s Android powered Dream) for $150 to current T-Mobile customers. Full invoice of the G1 will be $399. Since the HTC G1 will be one of T-Mobile first full featured 3G devices, expect the phone to launch with a new 3G data plan which will be more expensive than current plans. The device will sport a 3×5 inch screen, full slide out QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera, and of course 3G. no other details on the phone are given except that they think the phone will require all users to have a Gmail account.

That’s all we have for now. If this infomration turns out to be accurate, I’d expect a lot more information to pop up in the coming weeks. September 17th is only 36 days away, be sure to mark it on your calendar!

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Video of HTC’s Android Powered Dream?

August 11, 2008 |

Over the weekend, a new video leaked onto the web which shows an Android powered phone with a slide out QWERTY keyboard.  The white device looks a lot like images of the HTC Dream we have seen in the past and if you look closely, you can make out HTC’s logo on the top left corner of the device. 

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HTC Android Phone Still on Track for Q4 Launch

August 11, 2008 |

As we might have expected, HTC had debunked the news from last week that stated their Android powered device would be delayed until early 2009.  HTC reaffirmed that their device would launch by the end of the year.  It’s nice that they give us these simple words to calm out fears, but I’m sure we’d all be a lot more satisfied with some information leaked from the FCC’s website of some photos of the device.

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