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HTC Source | November 17, 2017

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HTC hands out a bit of Sense to the HTC Magic

October 23, 2009 |

HTC promised they would be rolling out Sense on older Android phones back in August. We were initially told that the update would come sometime in October, but a lot of users lost hope as the month rolled on. Fortunately for us, HTC has kept their promise. We are still in October and HTC has just released a ROM update for the Taiwanese HTC Magic. The update included HTC’s Sense UI and from what we can tell will give you the full experience that HTC Hero users have come to love. I’m still waiting to hear back from HTC to confirm whether or not the ROM update includes the Android 1.6 updates or not. I’ll keep you posted. For now, if you own an HTC Magic purchased in or from Taiwan, head on over to HTC’s support site to download and update your ROM.

If you do not have a Taiwanese Magic, do not use this ROM to update your phone. HTC is expected to continue the rollout to other regions within the coming weeks.

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New myTouch 3G Fender limited Edition adds 3.5mm headphone jack

October 7, 2009 |

If you thought that T-Mobile was ready to drop their HTC Android lineup for the new Moto Cliq and Samsung Behold 2, think again. t-mobile has just announced that the HTC made myTouch 3G is going be getting a little makeover that will be called the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition. The name is a bit long, but T-mobile is certain that music lovers will enjoy the new handset. The exterior of the myTouch 3G fender will have a guitar-inspired wood-grain finish and T-Mobile and HTC have chosen to add in a true 3.5mm headphone jack to accompany the 16GB microSD card which comes pre-loaded with video of audio from a collection of great musical icons. The press release didn’t have details on pricing of the new myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition (do we have to say limited edition every time?), but it did say that it will be hitting store later this year. As soon as we get a picture of the new handset, we’ll be sure to share it.

Quick question. Does the addition of the 3.5mm headphone jack make the new myTouch 3G Fender a more appealing handset? I know if I owned the original, I’d be a bit peaved to know that HTC chose to add in the jack after I got my phone.

UPDATE: We’ve added a few pictures after the jump.

Source: BusinessWire

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T-Mobile serves up some Donut

October 1, 2009 |

TmoNews (our favorite T-Mobile blog on the web) is reporting that T-mobile is pushing Android 1.6 (aka Donut) as an OTA update to G1 and myTouch 3G users today.  According to the report:

Select G1 handsets at 12AM Eastern Daylight Time tonight will receive the Donut update. Next, after a 24-hour waiting period, T-Mobile will extend its deliciousness to MyTouch3G handsets–that is, if there are no hiccups (meaning no bricked phones). Then, if all goes well, the rest of the users will start seeing the trickle down effect, regardless of handset.

A few of the comments over at TmoNews indicate that G1 users have already received the update.  Additional evidence to back up these claims comes directly from T-Mobile’s latest update to their My Account app which clearly indicates support for an Android 1.6 update.  I have not seen the update for my G1, but as most of you know my phone is rooted and I will not be able to get the OTA update.  If you’ve seen something come through on your phone, make sure you leave us a comment. 

Source: TmoNews

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T-Mobile drops price on myTouch 3G

September 27, 2009 |

Ok, so we’re a few days late on sharing this news, but late is better than never. Right? T-Mobile has just slashed the price of the myTouch 3G by 25%, bringing the price down to a cool $149.99 wuth a new two year agreement. The myTouch price drop follows the G1’s which reduced its price to $129 just about a week ago. It’s hard to say why T-Mobile is passing these incredible savings on on to their customers, but I’m sure it might have something to do with the HTC Hero showing up on the Sprint network next month for $179.99 and T-Mobile’s introduction of the new Motorola Cliq.

Whatever their reasoning may be, a price drop for Android phones is a good thing. Head on over to T-Mobile and pick up your Android phone today!

Source: TmoNews


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HTC Magic finally gets some Sense

September 21, 2009 |

We’ve known for a while the HTC has been planning on bringing their Sense UI to the HTC Magic. The first official images of the UI on the Magic have been spotted over on HTC Brazil’s website. That’s all there is to report really. For months there’s been a debate concerning which HTC Magic phones will be getting the Sense UI upgrade and which will not. Many claim that HTC phones with the "with Google" branding on the back of the handset will be upgraded to the new UI since it is not the standard Android experience. However, recent videos of the upcoming Sprint HTC Hero have shown the "with Google" branding even though the Hero sports HTC’s Sense UI. At the moment, every Sprint HTC Hero handset that has been spotted has been a demo/review unit, not the final product. However, if the Sprint does ship the HTC Hero with the "with Google" branding on the back, it gives hope to all those who have purchased the T-Mobile myTouch 3g and anyone else who has a Google branded phone.

Source: Phandroid

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T-Mobile G1 price slashed to $129

September 17, 2009 |

If you’ve been holding out to get and Android phone, today is your lucky day! T-Mobile has just cut the price of the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) to $129.99 with a new two year contract.  This is actually second price drop that the G1 has received in the past few months and we suspect it will be the last.  Unfortunately, the G1 will most likely be replaced by the new Motorola Cliq which is expected to be in stores by the holiday season.  You can head on over to T-Mobile’s website or your local T-mobile retail store to pick up your new (or not so new) T-mobile G1 for $129.99.  Keep in mind, the G1 was the first phone powered by Android.  It could make a great collector’s item some day.

Source: TmoNews

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Oprah offers $100 discount on the myTouch 3G

September 10, 2009 |

To celebrate the 24th season of the Oprah show, T-Mobile has teamed up with Oprah and is offering a $100 discount on the myTouch 3G.  Current and new T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the offer through T-Mobile’s website by using the "KICKOFF24" promotional code.  Though I many not agree with how T-Mobile has been promoting the myTouch 3G, their prime-time ad spots have most likely been seen by every person in the country already.  Now with semi-official endorsement from Oprah, i guess the myTouch 3G should shoot up the charts just like any book she adds to her book club.

The promotional offer will be available until September 24th.  If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to get your hands on an Android phone, a $99 price tag seems like it would be a good one. 

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