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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Pick up a FREE HTC phone during T-Mobile Valentine’s Day smartphone sale

February 7, 2011 |

In an effort to retain a little mindshare during the iPhone’s launch on Verizon, T-mobile has just unveiled that they will be offering up all of their smartphones for free over Valentine’s Day weekend.  This means new and existing T-mobile … Read More

HTC Saga poses for the camera again, runs Android 2.2.1

February 7, 2011 |

We know this one’s a bit late, but since we didn’t get a chance to do any blogging over the weekend we thought we’d share it with you now. Two new images of the HTC Saga have surfaced. While we’ve … Read More

Pre-order the HTC Thunderbolt from Best Buy

February 7, 2011 |

Verizon has still not given an official release date for the HTC Thuderbolt, but that’s not stopping Best Buy from telling the world that the handset will be available on February 14th.  Along with the launch date, Best Buy is … Read More

Update: Slideloading apps on the AT&T HTC Inspire 4G

February 5, 2011 |

In one of our previous posts on the HTC Inspire 4G we mentioned that we were able to sideload application from our SD card and Gmail account. This information isn’t really earth shattering since almost all Android phone are able … Read More

HTC Inspire 4G camera and video review

February 4, 2011 |

As we dive in a little deeper into the HTC Inspire 4G and its capabilities, we thought we would share our impressions on the handset’s camera and video recording abilities.  Many of you know that Android handsets have lagged behind when … Read More

HTC Thunderbolt launch date set for February 14th

February 4, 2011 |

We’ve certainly enjoyed playing around with the HTC Inspire 4G these past few days, but we’ve been itching to know when Verizon was planning on launching the HTC Thunderbolt. Rumors and other documents have pegged the handset’s release sometime within … Read More

HTC Inspire 4G: your questions, our answers

February 3, 2011 |

As promised, we’re answering some of the questions on the HTC Inspire 4G that you guys sent us via our Twitter account. We were hoping for a few more questions, but since the Inspire is nearly identical to the HTC … Read More