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Android App Store Details

August 28, 2008 |

Android App Store Android App Store
One of our readers has just given us the heads up about some new info on the Android App Store over in our forum. It turns out that Google will be launching the Android Market App store with the first wave of Android devices (think T-Mobile HTC G1), but like most Google services it seems the store will be in Beta version for a while. Google plans on adding additional analytic tools for developers to the Android Market in a later update.

The good news is that unlike the iPhone App store, the Android Market will be open for any developer. All developers have to do to get their app listed in the store is register, upload, and give their app an enticing description. The App will have a comment and rating system similar to YouTube. This should help better apps surface to the top.

For a few more pictures of the Android Market app store, visit our forum and let us know what you think.

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