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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC U11+ versus HTC U11: camera shootout

HTC has done a really good job with their smartphone cameras recently. With the U11+, some are hoping that HTC will be able to step things u even more. The HTC U11+ and the standard U11 have the exact same 12MP sensor and f/1.7 lens setup with optical image stabilization, phase detect autofocus and a dual-LED flash for their main cameras.

The only real difference is with the front-facing cameras on the two devices. The U11 has a 16MP sensor while the newer U11+ has a lower resolution 8MP selfie cam. Now, you might think that the lower resolution sensor is a step in the wrong direction, but it does feature larger pixels which allow it to capture more light. This should lead to better low-light shots and less blur in your shots.

Check out the video above to see how the cameras on the HTC U11 and HTC U11+ compare when taking photos side-by-side. You can also click the link below to see the full resolution images.

Full Resolution HTC U11+ & U11 Images

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  1. Hello

    They are mostly the same with some minor differences here and there. personally i expected U11+ to be slightly better but anyway, U11 camer is excellent so no worries. With some software updates it will get even better.

  2. Peter Vassiliou

    Is it me, or has the u11 a much better noise reduction when doing video?
    Also most of the pics are better on the u11. The u11 plus is close, but not as good. Pics appear somewhat softer..