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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Google may be ready to buy HTC’s smartphone business

Google may be ready to buy HTC’s smartphone business

The end is near. According to a new report, HTC and Google are currently in talks which could lead to HTCs smartphone business being handed over to Google. This news comes a week after it was reported that HTC was looking at strategic options which would help the comany get back onto its feet.

As of right now, there appear to be two different options which are being explored. The first is a strategic partnership between Google and HTC (the details of what this partnership would look like are unknown) and the second option would entail Google’s acquisition of HTC’s smartphone business – including HTC’s research-and-development team.

The HTC brand and the HTC Vive would likely not be included with either of the two options. This means that HTC would still be around, but the company would look dramatically different once the deal goes through. While we’re big fans of the Vive, an HTC without a smartphone business just wouldn’t be the same.

HTC and Google have not shared any comments regarding this report, but we expect to head something official from both companies within the next month or two once a deal has been reached.

If HTC does sell its smartphone business to Google, will you continue to support the HTC legacy and embrace the new direction Google will take the business?

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  1. Ata

    If i stop supporting HTC what other brand should i choose? seriously, i cant even imagine holding any other smartphone in my hands. HTC is a brand that most people doesn’t understand. i hope one day people do realize that. Cheers and thanks for your support nick.