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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Update for Unlocked HTC 10 in the US delivers July’s security patch

Update for Unlocked HTC 10 in the US delivers July’s security patch

UPDATE: One of our sources has informed us that HTC is, in fact, working on the security update for the international models of the HTC 10. At this time, we are not privy to the update’s release timeline, but we’re working to gather more information.


HTC has been a bit slow at getting Android’s monthly security updates pushed to its phones, but if you purchased the unlocked HTC 10 in the US, a new software update is available for your phone which delivers the latest July security patch along with a handful of bug fixes and stability improvements.

The OTA update should pop up a notification on the phone, prompting you to download it, but you can always ping HTC’s update servers manually by going to Settings > About device > Software updates > Check Now. The software update is 636.15 MB, so we recommend downloading the update on a reliable WiFi network and having at least a 50% charge before applying it.

HTC has not disclosed when the same update will be making its way to the HTC 10 in other regions or devices which are sold by service providers across the globe. Our hope is that we see a few more of these updates trickle out before the end of the week, but it’ll likely be a full more until all HTC 10 models have Android’s July security patch installed.

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  1. Andre Mendes

    Hi there. As a blogger and because you can get to lots of people I urge you to make a post about the fact that the European unlocked version of the HTC 10 is still on the January security patch and was not update since. The US version has had updates every one or 2 months. This is totally unacceptable since even Samsung, known for being slow with the updates, is doing a better job on this subject.
    I ask you this since when we send an email to HTC all they say is “stay tuned” and they have to feel that we won’t take this. I for once am a HTC fan but you can be sure that if this doesn’t change my next smartphone won’t be a HTC one and many think like me. You can’t only post the good news, don’t you agree? Thanks.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards.

    Andre Mendes

    • L3u3n

      I totally agree.

  2. Lagittaja

    +1, what Andre Mendes said.
    It’s quite ridiculous that here I am, with a flagship phone in August 2017 with Jan 2017 security patches.

  3. Browni

    In the UK we’re still on the January 2017 update!

  4. Martin

    Same here in Germany. No updates since January. Can’t believe that.

  5. Momchil

    Hey HTC, please don’t forget about the rest of the world – my unlocked EU version of HTC 10 was last updated in January.

  6. vrsko

    +1, what Andre Mendes said.

  7. Romdgx

    +1 to what Andre Mendes said, in Europe we pay more than in the US for our HTC phone and we don’t get half the service provided in the US. The HTC 10 is a great phone but unfortunately the battery life has been terrible for me since the Nougat update and I fear that this will never be solved… I have the impression that the US get updates more often because this is where bloggers and most renowned tech enthusiasts are. Meanwhile the rest of the world is completely forgotten…


    I’ve owned an htc phone since the HTC hd2 which in my opinion was the best phone ever made. I’ve upgraded at least every two years and have always been loyal to HTC. I would never have contemplated changing to another manufacturer until now. I have been loyal to HTC but HTC have not been loyal to me. As previously stated by others on here and XDA I too am still on January’s security patch. This was supposed to be a flagship phone yet HTC seen to have abandoned Europe in its upgrades. The USA gets updates frequently. Come on HTC you could do so much better, you are forcing loyal HTC owners away due to treating us as second class owners.

  9. Avithohol

    So again no updates for Europe !? Is this a policy of HTC or just a production problem with their software department ? 🙁

  10. Andrea

    Here we go again! US getting updates every month and here in Europe we are still on January security patch with no news about if it will be any update soon…..Frustrating.

    Our money has the same value, we want and DESERVE the same customer service.

    • Andre Mendes

      I don’t understand why the editor of this article didn’t say anything yet regarding our comments…

      • Andrea

        I think is htc who have to make an announcement explaining what is going on with the 10 in Europe.

        This customer support is ridiculous.

  11. MrBog

    Still no update in Europe (Belgium) since January ! Flagship? Really?

  12. Nikolay

    Still no update in Bulgaria(Europe)

  13. Memberjoe

    No update in Hungary. SAD!!!!

  14. Yoo123

    Could you please tell me when my HTC10 of HK edition can get update.