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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Turn your HTC Re into a cute dinosaur with these 3D printing files

Turn your HTC Re into a cute dinosaur with these 3D printing files

The HTC Re is one of the quirkiest gadgets HTC has ever built. If you happen to own one, you know how versatile it is, without compromising on style. The HTC Re could have done a lot better if it was introduced as a 360 camera, but that’s another discussion for another article.

Today, we’re giving you the opportunity to transform your HTC Re into a cute little dinosaur, thanks to our good friend Darren Millar (aka @htcbro). A while back, he was working on a 3D printable dinosaur stand for the HTC camera which was intended to become a crowd-funded project. Since the project never got off the ground, @htcbro has decided to share the files needed to 3D print your own HTC Re Dino.

What you see is what you get. These are the ready to print files for the RE Dino, designed by @htcbro. All that’s needed is a 3D printer and a cheap Micro USB extension cable from Amazon which will be used inside the Dino. @htcbro was also kind enough to share his Re Sub design which is a small submarine.

“I’m totally keen to see what people might do with these files, print them as they are or make them your own! Just make sure you send me a photo @htcbro.”

You can download the files for the HTC Re Dino and Sub by clicking the links below. If you happen to 3D print either, leave us a comment with a picture and be sure to hit up @htcbro on Twitter. He’ll definitely appreciate it.

Download HTC Re Dino files

Download HTC Re Sub files




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