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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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How Android’s Chrome 59 loads pages faster

How Android’s Chrome 59 loads pages faster

Android users will be delighted to learn that browsing, texting and accomplishing all manner of exciting activities have been given a serious boost in performance.  Tech giant, Google has finally released the latest version of Chrome and it promises a better and bolder user experience than ever before.

The traditional issues that have plagued the popular browser – slow page-load and lagging – have been comprehensively dealt with.  Get Chrome 59 on your phone or tablet and you can anticipate a sleek and responsive digital platform geared for speedy social communication, super-quick information seeking and best-by-far booking and betting!

The speed is in the engine

If you are wondering where the enhanced download speed emanates from, it’s the V8 engine that’s been given a serious turbo boost.  We’re not talking the Chevy Small-Black V8, the Ford Flathead V8 or the Ferrari 458 V-8, we’re talking about the new and, by all accounts, ‘fast and furious’ JavaScript V8 engine.

Engineered in Google’s development center in Germany – where incidentally some of the best luxury motor cars come off the productions lines – the open source engine is designed to maximize the performance of JavaScript execution inside your mobile phone’s Chrome web browser.  To generate a super-quick experience, V8 cleverly translates JS code into more efficient machine code without bringing an interpreter on-board.

This means code is communicating without the ‘middle man’, so to speak.  The interpreter is replaced by a Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, allowing you to access the web just in time, or better still, in a proverbial flash and with time to spare!  Although speed is of the essence when it comes to efficient web browsing; according to a member of the development team, the V8 engine “is about enabling things that you have never been able to do in the past.

What else is included in Chrome 59?

Along with faster page loading, Chrome 59 uses less memory.  That nasty little habit of browser apps eating away at your RAM has finally been resolved.  That’s great news for Android users as devices will enjoy an enhanced performance overall and, let’s face it, Chrome for Android has long been ‘last past the post’ in terms of performance when compared to other third party browsers.  Thankfully, you can now text your buddies faster and store a lot more data than ever before, a win-win in anyone’s books.  In addition, Google has announced the latest version of the browser features bug fixes, security patches and improvements to stability and performance.

The Portable Network Graphic or PNG image format is a vast improvement on the older GIF format.  The cutting edge image format supports 8-bit transparency and the entire spectrum of rich, bold colors. Moreover, PNG images don’t degrade over multiple saves.  Enter the animated PNG and you’ve got a premier quality and superbly animated image, ideal for video games and casino games.

Video slots that announce wins with animations of cash, or feature animated wild reels, where characters like King Kong, Thor or Batman expand across the screen, now look and perform even better on your Android phone or tablet, thanks to the fact Chrome 59 supports animated PNGs.  Table views of the spinning roulette wheel are significantly improved and the deal of the cards in baccarat, blackjack and poker is quick, efficient and high quality.  In fact, playing real money casino games has been given a serious boost by Google’s long awaited release of Chrome for Android.

How Chrome for Android Optimizes the User Experience

With support for APNGs and a page load improvement estimated at between 10 percent and 20 percent, Chrome 59 for Android is destined to accelerate and enhance all sorts of mobile-centric activities.  As already alluded to, texting your buddies will be quicker and more efficient, so too will checking your Facebook account and Twitter feed.  In fact, Google used Twitter, Facebook and Reddit during Beta testing rather than some nebulous benchmark, so you are assured an enhanced social networking experience…all round.

Faster page loads equate to seamless access to online sports books that offer live and in-play betting on local, national and international sports events.  You’ll have plenty of time to find an ice hockey, football or horse racing event and wager in real-time, directly from your phone.  Zero lagging means you can view the live video streams and cheer your selection along.  If you have no idea  how to  find a Canadian sports book that’s reliable, secure and independently ranked and rated, you can try out the list and get your wagers away without spending hours on search. In short, with Chrome 59, sports betting operates like a well-oiled machine.

Finding reliable information and statistics on just about anything, anywhere – businesses, start-ups, academic subjects, sports, countries, cultures and more – has been significantly improved thanks to the superior page load speed and reduced usage of RAM of the latest version of Chrome.  If you think it’s all hot air, Google used Wikipedia to measure the cerebral side of the app’s performance!  Your device should automatically install to Chrome 59 but if it doesn’t, visit the Play Store and give your device a boost.

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