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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC’s monthly revenue report is in: March finished on a positive note

HTC’s monthly revenue report is in: March finished on a positive note

HTC’s financials aren’t anywhere near where they need to be, but the company did manage to close out the month of March on a positive note. The company pulled in 5,197 million NT$ in revenue for the month – 25.4% more than it did in March of 2016. The uptick in March follows the 11.7% YoY revenue increase HTC posted in February.

HTC won’t be sharing is officially Q1 financial report for another month and a half, but the revenue numbers for the three months show that HTC pulled in a total of 14,541 million NT$ during the first three months of the year. That figure is 1.75% shy of what they managed in Q1 of 2016. Since HTC claims to have reduce its overhead expenses since last year, net income should be better than the -4,800 million NT$ HTC lost last year during the same quarter.

We also have to consider that the launch date of the HTC U (Ocean) will have a positive impact on HTC’s Q1 net income. Since HTC’s 2017 flagship smartphone won’t be available until mid to late May, HTC has likely minimized its expenses for manufacturing the phone in Q1. Most components and manufacturing costs will be shifted to Q2 – the same quarter that the phone will be made available to the public.

While we know a lot about the HTC U, there are still a lot of unanswered questions on the table. Do you think the HTC U will be the phone that will finally put an end to HTC’s decline in the smartphone market?

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  1. Hype

    This phone will be one of the last nails in the coffin. I really like HTC devices. Had a lot of them. But even such a fan like me is angry now. I had a9 which was supposed to get updates within 15 days after Nexus phones – that was a lie and the delay was huge. Nobody said even sorry. And now? HTC u ultra with small battery, useless second screen, without headphone jack and wireless charging not to mention lack of waterproofing in a huge body? They had waterproof phones years ago and they still fail to understand that people want it. Lack of headphone jack in a music oriented phone? Fail. U ultra is all about cutting cost and pulling as much money as they can. It’s desperate move but also stupid. After bolt failure with infamous sd810 now another failure? What do they think? I am going with Galaxy s8 this year probably which costs more or less the same as u ultra and is better in every way. Will give them a chance and wait for HTC u but I guess it will also be all about cost cutting and making fools from people.

  2. Hype

    Oh and I forgot. I watched u ultra teardown. There was a lot of space for headphone jack (wireless charging and bigger battery also) They could have put jack without much of design change.i guess they wanted to cut cost again. And even though these idiots know that everybody is hating OEMs for ditching headphone jack they.. ditched it. They are not apple and they can’t afford such decisions but I guess they think they can. It’s the same idiocy as using infamous sd810 after a year while almost every review criticised this soc. So using outdated soc and what’s worse the one that was blamed for m9 failure? WHO RUNS THIS COMPANY I ASK?

    • Good points, but I’d like to remind you that HTC was the only company that managed to tame the SD810. The M9 didn’t fail because of the SoC. HTC used an iterative design, scrapped the dual camera and used a camera sensor which was dramatically inferior to what the competition was using.

      • hype

        I partially agree. HTC managed to tame sd810 and while I didn’t have any problems with overheating and I think it was a little bit overblown, battery life was really average for 1080p, 2840 mAh battery (even worse in HTC Bolt, which is actually pretty bad while having a descent 3200 mAh) and it was far less powerfull than Samsungs’ exynos. And I believe that were 2 main reasons for M9 failure: camera and SOC. This is at least what people all around internet claim and I agree. There was also another reason as you said: design. To be specific it was Evan Blass to blame who made the biggest mistake in his “leaker carrier” with “perfect” but fake M9 renders and theory that HTC uses a docoy to hide true design and after M9 went official everybody was disapointed. I don’t think iterative design is a problem; somehow Apple and Samsung design very similar phones through years and it works. Whats more I believe that is HTC’s problem: they change too often, they are inconsistent (like they litterally don’t know what they are doing, desperately trying different things, for ex: onscreen buttons vs capacitive, fingerprint sensor placement, different camera setup) and are not recognizable anymore. When you look at Samsung phone or Iphone you imidiately recognize them. But HTC? I have no idea what their next phone will look like and if it will be good enough because I dont trust them anymore and they became unpredictable in a bad way. After HTC 10 and Vive success I thought they were back on track. But after that they reliesed Bolt and then Ultra.. i mean WTF? I just lost hope. Management makes really poor and hardly undestandable desicisions regarding both business, features and design. After big M7 success they ruined design with onscreen buttons and kept widely critised 4 mpx camera and removed OIS believing that duo camera will be interesting enough. But at that time people wanted low resolution to be fixed and a descent camera overall, not a bad one with a gimmick. They resurrected the dead with a gimmick. I skipped M8 because of that but my true reason was the infamous black bar. Why put onscreen buttons when the black bar is still there? That looked ugly in my opinion, the black nar was now useless and even bigger then before. that looked ridiculous: 1 row for speaker, 2nd useless and 3rd with onscreen buttons. That was ugly AF. They litterally ignore what people say, neglecting reality and acting like we know better: we were critised but hey lets make the same mistake again. They were famous because of design but fail to undestand that people like symetric design – their new phones still have asymetric bezels and off center fingerprint sensor placement. So now Samsung known for $hitty design has a better design… Then there was M9 discussed already with another proof that they are inconsistent. 4mpx low light camera was replaced with 20mpx(!) camera that was good in daylight but terrible in low light… Then they promised a “hero device” which I expected to be a spec monster but it turned out to be a midrange phone with a high price tag and whats worse it was very similar to iphone. They make bold claims and promises and then they disappoint. A9 was nothing but another reason to criticise them. I actually bought it at much lower price but sold it few months later. I currently have the brilliant 10 which they failed to sell. It was even not available to buy off contract in my country, instead they offered ridiculously priced lifestyle version… To fool people or what? They missed a chance again… So how good has the U to be if a great 10 didnt help them? They only made fool of themselves by reliesing bolt and ultra. And I fear that U will lack headphone jack and waterproofing – to cut cost again. I am sorry to say all of this because I am usually the one to defend them – they get too much hate usually and i like HTCs phones despite beeing not perfect. But with recent decisions I believe all I said is true and they deserve criticism. They need desperately to change CEO which I consider a preety poor leader with no vision, who should be replaced by someone with more understanding of mobile market.

  3. Jeans

    Yes U Ultra is strange creature but I would own it and live with it.

    Sure strange decisions. Reminds me my Butterfly 3 nearly same colour but is IP certificated.

    Clearly you know a lot about phones and also Ultra is not a product of love.
    Rather shows some mess inside company.

    Why we like the HTC they reliable. Maybe big but reliable. I am not fan of Samsung edge screens. Not fan icons graphics also.
    My friend moved from HTC to OnePlusOne and secretly will tell you sometimes phone has not reception without reason on reset itself.

    We will see looks like mess is inside. Being best 3.5 jack phone to ditch it.