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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Video briefly shows HTC Vive smartphone

Video briefly shows HTC Vive smartphone

An HTC CMF Kitchen promotional video has been circling the web for a few day, showing off HTC’s new approach to the fit and finish of its devices. The video is intended to highlight devices which match the individuality of its users with new “tactile, more engaging products” which are intended to resonate with consumers better than bland slabs of metal and glass.

While the video is interesting, our attention was immediately drawn to a device which makes an appearance towards the end of the video. For a brief moment, a smartphone with the HTC Vive logo on the back is shown. The HTC Vive smartphone appears to feature a metal frame with antenna lines which follow the four sides of the device. The glass camera module is centered near the top edge, protruding slightly from the phone’s frame.

Since the video in question is meant to show us what future HTC phones will look like, there’s a chance that we might see a smartphone from HTC which looks similar to the device in the video. That being said, we currently don’t have any evidence which suggests an HTC Vive smartphone is in the works. It would be nice to see the HTC Vive branding used on HTC devices for mobile VR similarly to how Samsung uses Gear VR with its devices.

If HTC does surprise us with a Vive smartphone in the near future, would you buy it?

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  1. Nice. Probably I will buy one.