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HTC Source | January 16, 2018

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HTC Sense 8 to be beta tested on non-HTC devices

HTC Sense 8 to be beta tested on non-HTC devices

HTC’s software team has put out a few Android apps intended for all Android users, but it looks like the company is looking step things up by making HTC Sense 8 available to everyone – not just HTC smartphone owners.

An email is being circulated, inviting the recipients to join a testing program named GOOGLE_PLAY_SENSE_GP for HTC Sense Home 8 beta. The requirements for the beta program include the use of a non-HTC device running Android 4.4 or higher. It’s not clear when user testing will begin, but we can assume that HTC will try to keep things under wraps until all the bugs are worked out and the software is ready to run on as many Android devices as possible.

Allowing HTC Sense to run on devices manufactured by other manufacturers may seem a little counter-intuitive, but HTC could actually make quite a bit of money doing so. Right now, all the themes within HTC Sense 8 are free, but the fact that there are “Best Free” and “New Free” categorizations for theme packs, wallpapers, sounds, icons and fonts implies that HTC will eventually be rolling out paid categories as well. Since there are millions of Android users who are willing to pay $0.99 to $1.99 for a custom icon pack that works with third-party launchers, there’s no reason why those same users wouldn’t be willing to pay for custom themes within HTC Sense 8. But since HTC’s smartphone haven’t been selling that well lately, HTC needs to first make its launcher available to all Android users if it wants to make some real cash.

Releasing HTC Sense 8 for everyone won’t have a major impact on HTC’s bottom line, but HTC can definitely use as much income as possible if the company wants to survive.

Would you be willing to spend a few bucks on high-quality themes for HTC Sense?




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  1. Unubold

    So how can i join the testing program?

    • You’ll have to be one of the lucky ones that HTC selects. They could open the beta up to the general public before the official launch.

  2. sharon

    so when it going to happen or when is able to download for HTC 10? I received email but nothing has happened yet?