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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC Theme of the week: Inside Out

HTC Theme of the week: Inside Out

The movie Inside Out is officially available on DVD in the United States this week and that leaves me with a mixed bag of emotions. This week’s theme brightens up your phone with some colorful characters representing certain emotions.

Get it! If you’ve seen the movie you understand what I just did there.

For those of you feeling left out, I was making a reference to the movie Inside Out since it’s a great story about a young girls feelings as she goes through different life events.

This week I’ve been using the Inside Out theme on my HTC One M8. For my last two reviewed themes I had a HTC Desire 626 with a newer version of HTC Sense and there were several visual enhancements to themes that I don’t get to enjoy on the One M8.

But that’s OKAY! There’s more to this theme than sad marbles of memories.

There are several things I look for when I download a theme:

  • wallpapers for the homescreen, lockscreen, app drawer, phone dialer, and text messenger
  • attractive app icons
  • fancy clock design
  • weather icons
  • catchy ringtones and notification sounds

Bonus points for custom fonts!

The Inside Out theme by Giuseppe Olandese hits most of the marks on my list. Really the only thing missing was custom sounds, which is pretty good on the visual front.

The wallpapers on this theme are very vibrant and neon-tastic. I like how the characters glow apart from the background on the main wall and in the app drawer the main character’s blue hair pops off the red background.

Inside Out2

Inside Out’s designer gave the icons a nice touch with the circular icons for all the primary apps each with a bit of a shadow leaning down and to the left of the app’s center. The colors of the circles are also very bright and pop out. In the movie, memories are stored in marble-like spheres so the icons are a close representation to the memories in the movie.

The clock is the cool design with the leaning line that cuts through the hours and minutes so you don’t see the whole numbers, but are still able to tell what time it is. The weather icons are somewhat default, but I at least prefer some details over nothing at all and having to fuss with the tiny icons under the clock info.

Inside Out theme clock

Giuseppe’s Inside Out theme has been downloaded 5145 times since writing this article so let’s help this week’s artist by downloading the theme a few more times. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family so they can get in on the Inside Out theme-ness. He also has 14 other awesome themes in the gallery. Follow this user to keep up with his latest creations or you can wait until I showcase another one of his themes, but that’s not very fair to the owner who does all the work.

Theme of the week: Inside Out

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