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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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Guess which technology pioneer tried HTC Vive today?

Guess which technology pioneer tried HTC Vive today?

HTC Vive is gaining lots of traction. Vive demos have been spreading across the world and even earned the award for Best Accessory last week in Paris during #PGW2015.

So who’s getting a first class demo of HTC Vive?

Before I get to that I’d like to point out that HTC’s own Drew Bamford had the privilege of delivering this personal demo of what is building momentum to be the best virtual reality headset on the market (when it hits the market that is). The two apparently took turns playing tennis against characters like Maria Sharapova.

So you really wanna know which tech pioneer received a demo of HTC Vive?

It was Microsoft’s very own Bill Gates.

I’m sure Bill Gates’ demo was longer than my 30 minute one this summer and the HTC Vive team even cued up something special for him. He was able to play tennis against a well-known tennis athlete like Maria Sharapova. Well, he didn’t really play against her, but it was more like a computer generated copy of the number 3 ranked female tennis player.

How do you think you would fare against Maria Sharapova? How about playing against Bill Gates?

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