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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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HTC app of the week: Emotar

HTC app of the week: Emotar

This week’s app was made by HTC and I hadn’t noticed it in the Google Play store before last week. Funny thing is that as I started writing this article I could no longer find it in the Play store. Maybe HTC released it early or it was for a different market or it was just someone’s personal project that found it’s way in the store by accident.

Although Emotar isn’t available, I still want to take a moment to reflect on any new apps from HTC.

Emotar is like a personal animated emoticon. The app snaps a picture of your face and lets you customize the hair, hair color, contour of your face and a scene that might match your mood.

To get started you take a picture by lining your face or your friends face in a window with a hat and body around it. You can use either cameras; the front or the back and you can change the gender to match your subject. Sometimes the facial recognition has a hard time detecting facial features so I had to retake the shot.


When you’re finished with your creation you can share to social networks and many other sources. When you save it to your gallery it saves is a video, but it changes the orientation limiting the reasons to share it.

The Emotar app was created under the HTC Research developer profile. HTC typically releases apps under three deverloper profiles, HTC Corporation, HTC Creative, and HTC Research and there’s around 40 apps currently available for download.

I didn’t really like this app and didn’t see myself using it as it was kind of limited in the content creation area. I still wonder why it was in the Google Play store for at least a week and now it’s gone. Do you have any fun photo sharing apps that you use on a regular basis?

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