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HTC Source | January 22, 2018

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Leaked pictures claim to show off the HTC A9 (Aero)

Leaked pictures claim to show off the HTC A9 (Aero)

The HTC A9 (aka the HTC Aero) rumor mill appears to be spinning out of control. While the specs of the phone aren’t expected to impress anyone looking for a true flagship, we’ve heard several times that the phone will be appealing to consumers worried more about looks than performance.

New images which claim to be of the HTC A9 appear to back up those claims.  Based on previous rumors, the HTC A9 is expected to feature 2.5D Gorilla Glass 4 – a feature that’s clearly visible in the last image below which shows the curved edges of the glass (something HTC has done already with the HTC Droid DNA) blend seamlessly into the edge of the device. While the front of the phone appears to be covered in a single piece of glass, the back is a mix between the HTC One M7, iPhone 6 and the top front of the HTC Desire Eye.

We’ll be honest, when the first press render below hit the web yesterday, we chose not to not share it because it looked like a quick Photoshop of the iPhone 6 with an HTC logo. Since we cannot independently verify the validity of the leaked images, we’re still not 100% convinced that the images below are actual representations of what the HTC A9 will look like.

Would you buy the HTC A9 if it looked like the device shown off in these images?

Source: Weibo via Pocketnow

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  1. Jesse James

    I think the photos are legit, especially since how every recent device leak from htc has been spot on.

  2. They could’ve gone with different rear design. Different colors, anything. But they’re going for an iPhone look.

    • Richard Denton

      I wouldn’t say they’ve gone for an iPhone look, it’s the same as the m8/9 just with the camera placed above the band… Although, one can’t deny the similarities.

  3. Harold Goldner

    I’m just waiting for the bezelstorm to start……

  4. Dabigez

    Where are the speakers located at on the phone?

  5. Dabigez

    Hey has anyone else been hit by the Stagefright virus on their HTC phone. If ss what type of help did you receive, and from who?

  6. Kwadwo Boadu

    You can tell the first picture is a Photoshop job, you can see identical side buttons, down to the silence toggle as is on the IPhone 6. The second and third pictures aren’t overly convincing too, the camera lens just seems very off. But hey I guess we’ll soon see.