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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC executive hints at high-end Android tablets in 2015

HTC executive hints at high-end Android tablets in 2015

HTC has already made it clear that the company is looking to step back into the Android tablet space. Google and HTC worked together to bring the Nexus 9 to market, but HTC is planning to release HTC branded tablets in 2015.

While the Android tablet space has been dominated by mid-range 7-inch device, HTC’s strategy will be to focus on the premium segment. In an interview with CNA, HTC North Asia President Jack Tong dismissed the 7-inch tablet segment, claiming “it’s not a profitable market. There is actually a bit more room for growth and product differentiation in the high-end and mid-tier tablet segments.”

We still don’t have any solid details regarding any future HTC tablets, but a few rumors have speculated that there are at least two devices in the works.

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  1. Kwadwo Boadu

    This is great news, a big complaint against most Android tablets is that they aren’t designed premium enough. I’m sure HTC could solve this problem, whilst providing a great Sense tablet experience.

    • Just like they did in the android smartphone segment

  2. Lawrence Brooks

    Why don’t these designers realise that 7inch tablets work because you do not have to get your tailor to alter inside pockets in your suit. Any larger and you need to carry the thing around. Flyer, Nexus 7 all worked beautifully. Flyer 2 at 7 inch plus slimmer tech and top resolution be perfect.