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HTC Source | January 22, 2018

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HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch “faithful reproduction” hits the web

HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch “faithful reproduction” hits the web

HTC has announced that it will have an Android Wear smartwatch on the market later this year, but the company has not released any details regarding the look of the device. Many of us have been hoping that HTC would follow in Motorola’s footsteps and release and Android Wear smartwatch with a circular display, but a new post form @evleaks suggests that HTC’s Android Wear device will have a square display.

The image shared by @evleaks is created by Phone Designer and the interface was dreamed up by Ferry Passchier, but @evleaks claims that the hardware of the HTC Android Wear smartwatch is a “100% faithful reproduction.” We’re not exactly sure what that means, but we’re willing to give @evleaks the benefit of the doubt since his reputation is solid for delivering accurate leaks.

The smartwatch portrayed in the image doesn’t really excite us much. It looks very similar to the LG G Watch with a metal band. What’s your take on the “faithful reproduction” of the HTC Android Wear smartwatch?

Check out the video below if you haven’t yet seen what the Android Wear platform is capable of.

Source: @evleaks

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  1. David James

    If you look at HTCs last video, you will see the square watch at 40sec on desk and 47 secs on screen. I posted on Google plus.

    Surprised you guys didn’t notice.

  2. Jeans

    Dont think this will be any use for me any make.
    Samsung lover told me you can make phone call and talk to phone. Yeah good luck stand like twat and talk to watch mr James Bond.
    Keep hand on pulse whats going on HTC but this generation is dead end like microsoft something on line closing whole project. Some things dont work if earlier you pull out it better.

  3. Jeans

    Yes watched a video clip now. Lol good luck.

    1 Dont need another devices to charge.
    2 Watch between “big boys” is only from Swiss and automatic.
    This is for new yuppie from corparate. Metrosexual boys followers from free magazine they found in Gym after long hours at work doing project for boss.

    Less is better sometimes. Less rubbish much better.

    Dont forget our lives are now full of digital media and day is only 24hours. We live in rivers of digital rubbish and this consume time. Instead better have time for family, good LP or movie and in pocket good phone like HTC. Not phone and extension to charge and masturbate with small screen while reading emails. Take phone out and check email read like normal person and not wank the watch.