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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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HTC Sense 6 coming to the HTC One before the end of May

HTC Sense 6 coming to the HTC One before the end of May

The US version of the HTC One from 2013 is running the most current version of Android, but HTC is working on a new update which will deliver Sense 6 which was unveiled last month with the launch of the new HTC One (M8). We’ve known about the update for a while, but HTC’s Jason Mackenzie took to Twitter this afternoon, announcing that the update for the HTC One would be pushed out before the end of May.

As with the Android 4.4.2 update, HTC wants to make sure that its One customers are always running on the best version possible. Delivering HTC Sense 6 to the HTC One will make the device feel brand new for a lot of people. The newer version of Sense is a lot lighter, more colorful and comes with dozens of new features which should delight those who plan on holding on to their phones for at least another year.

HTC plans on updating the software update page on its site with more details, but no new information by the time this article was published (3:45 PM EST). We will update this post once more information is made available.

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  1. Replicant Jason Booth

    I wish their was some concrete info on exactly which sense six features wouldn’t be lost in translation… Fingers crossed for motion gestures… I’ve been told that the s600 Chipley is capable. The new UI color scheme would also be a plus as well as the new camera interface even though the current one is just fine.

  2. Shasikumar

    I hav my first version of HTC one from India is tht same update is also available in India ?