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HTC Source | January 17, 2018

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Exclusive: HTC training material shows why the One (M8) outclasses the Samsung Galaxy S5

Exclusive: HTC training material shows why the One (M8) outclasses the Samsung Galaxy S5

Thanks to a trusted source, we’ve managed to get our hands on training material which HTC has distributed to thousands of retails sales reps at service providers in the US. Most of these reps have already received training on the HTC One (M8)’s features, but the title of the document makes it clear what message HTC wants to get across.

Top 5 reasons why the HTC One (M8) is better than the Samsung Galaxy S5

In HTC’s mind, it’s pretty simple. The metal design of the HTC One, BoomSound front-facing speakers, Motion Launch gestures, Duo Camera and HTC Advantage make the HTC One (M8) a much better device than what Samsung has to offer with the Galaxy S5. We happen to think that the HTC One (M8) is a much better phone than what Samsung is offering, but it’ll be interesting to see what retail sales reps will be pushing on customers when the Samsung Galaxy S5 shows up in stores tomorrow.

Do you think the five main selling points of the HTC One (M8) are enough to pull people away from busing the Samsung Galaxy S5?

htc-one-m8-versus-samsung-galaxy-s5-training-1 htc-one-m8-versus-samsung-galaxy-s5-training-2

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  1. Jeans

    To much to remember for those young iphone fanboys at least in UK.

    Reps a bit trying now in UK but on my example HTC in Vodafone was no music in phone and no wifi.

    Its nothing what HTC can do as they sell other devices as well. Before was music on M7.

    Few my friends moved from Nexus 5 and they love One.

  2. RitornoAlFuturo

    htc shameless…

    • kc821guam

      This is just HTC’s response to Samsung China’s 4 Reasons Not To Buy HTC.
      Is was a pretty huge news here in Asia.

    • Cory

      And what was Samsung when Samsung paid people to go online and write bad things about HTC and LG and others? Hmmm. Or many of the other anti-HTC things that Samsung has does? And what is HTC suppose to do? Not do anything in response?

  3. Daniel Costa

    I live in Brazil and would like to buy HTC phones, but as Samsung is the only brand good I don’t have another option so buy Galaxy S5.

    HTC when you will back to sell your phones in Brazil?

    • robert

      I hope you can get to experience this wonderful phone soon can you get one imported?

      • Daniel Costa

        That’s a problem, because there is 100% tax over imported products, so… hehehe

        But my birthday is near kkkkk

        That’s why HTC leave Brazil, they didn’t constructed factorys just import phones and Samsung came to brazil creating factorys to make phones here.

        If I was rich hehehe, I would create a Market for HTC in Brazil, because there is nothing comparable, samsung phones are for idiots and is not elegants as HTC phones is.

        Sorry for my horrible english.

        • robert

          No worries well good luck on getting one, almost took the plunge and got the s5 but saw the software experience and build quality in person and it felt so cheap and childish so forget it lol

          • Daniel Costa

            Thanks I will try.

            The only option of good software and that is good made is Blackberry Z10, that in my opinio is the software revolution of the way to use. Hub messenger is incredible.

        • ravi

          That’s amazing Words Man

  4. jj

    😀 I give you one reason to cover all of your reason for people to buy S5 over HTC one M8. HTC never support for software update! Don’t buy their phone. these phone will live on only 9 month! Not more! HTC had the worst software update between the phones. All my HTC phones only got 1 or two update and had been supported for less than a year! Worst Company. Worst support!

    • AnthonyRDeSilva

      HTC have now promised, going forwards, all new phones will have 2 years worth of updates at the very least. Please get your facts right.

      • barack313

        Well said. Some folks are so blinded by Samsung that they don’t speak rationally.

    • corona10

      You should really go to the HTC website and read their mission statement…HTC has the best transparency regarding their update schedule of all the oems.

  5. Abdul

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  6. my friend bricklayer from aberdeenshire has one of those new HTC phones, I must say they get more crappy nowadays