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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC claims the world’s best smartphone is about to get better

HTC claims the world’s best smartphone is about to get better

The launch of the 2013 HTC One was accompanied by a fairly launch marketing push, but it seems HTC is going to be taking its marketing game to the next level in 2014 with the all new HTC One. Will HTC and other manufacturers typically cater to members of the press at launch events, HTC is making a major push to get consumers excited abut the March 25th launch event which will take place in London and New York City.

In addition to a possible HTC showroom at the Selfridges & Co department store in London, HTC’s social media team in the UK has been flooding twitter with #BestGotBetter tweets since the middle of February, comparing the company’s upcoming flagship device to new puppies, a Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder duet, finding money on the street and being upgraded from to first class on your way to Coachella. We’ve pulled together all of HTC’s #BestGotBetter tweets for you, but keep an eye on @HTC_UK for more updates.

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  1. Greg

    It’s feels a bit too much…

  2. whertigo

    No, it feels just right, I love it!

  3. hype

    i still cant believe they moved the buttons on screen and left the bezel… i love my htc one and hoped that his one will be perfect but the buttons kill me. i didnt mind having only home and back button as long as I could have menu by double tap and multitask by long press. why not make the htc logo a home button? that would be kind of cool…but now the asymetrical look is not so cool… at least they could put the screen in the middle…

  4. Greg

    They made a shittier design by taking away the buttons but keeping the bezel and unnecessary enlarging the screen size. So how they made it better? In my eyes all the flagships are equally strong so only the design matters and the One had better design than the M8.

    • Jeans

      Yes agree with you but would grab new One anytime over any other flagship. Its no perfect phone but this is close.

      If you make test now in every position your finger will “travel” less if buttons on screen and I think bazel needs to be as hardware under still need a space.

      Could be chambers for boombox etc.