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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC M8x shows up at POSTEL, Indonesia’s FCC equivalent

HTC M8x shows up at POSTEL, Indonesia’s FCC equivalent

The HTC M8 has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance and we’ve already seen the details of its official user agent profile, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that communication certification authorities across the globe are already testing the device. A new listing on POSTEL’s website (Indonesia’s equivalent of the FCC) show two new entries from HTC in 2014 – one carrying the HTC M8x name. POSTEL’s status for the HTC M8x is listed as “Test Center” with an accompanying date of January 13. Devices which are approved by POSTEL typically carry a status of “Printed Certificate” so we can assume that the HTC M8x is currently being tested for certification.

The other HTC handset listed in the database is the HTC D310w. The HTC D310w name is new to us, but it could simply be a variant of the HTC Desire 300 which launched in other Asian countries last fall.

While we’ve seen a lot of HTC M8 rumors and leaks this year, they pale in comparison with the number of stories that we published regarding the HTC M7 last year. Our source which fed us exclusive details regarding the M7 has not been able to feed us any good information regarding the HTC M8. From what we can tell, HTC has tightened up security around its flagship phone, giving them more control over the news cycle and any planted leaks that they want to disseminate to the media.

Do you think there will be any surprises when the HTC M8 is unveiled?

Source: POSTEL

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    I can’t wait!!!!!

  2. andry

    i hope the new M8 will have removable battery pack