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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Dual-booting phones may be the change HTC needs

Dual-booting phones may be the change HTC needs

HTC is in a tough spot. The launch of the HTC One in early 2013 was a bold move for the company. HTC created a single flagship device in an effort to streamline its product line and cut down on expenses. The phone itself is a masterpiece of design and engineering, picking up multiple awards for “phone of the year” and putting the Galaxy S4 to shame. To date, the HTC One has been the most successful handset HTC has ever built, but the phone has not been able to keep the company’s financial trajectory pointing in the right direction.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft has asked HTC to install its Windows Phone operating system on HTC’s Android powered devices. The concept of a dual-booting smartphone isn’t exactly new, but the idea that Microsoft and HTC may be considering such a move may signal a dramatic shift in the may Microsoft and HTC go to market. Windows Phone currently accounts for 4-6% of smartphone market share – a number Microsoft needs to double or triple if it wants to be considered as a serious contender in the space. To sweeten the deal for HTC, Microsoft may waive or reduce the licensing fee on handsets which dual-boot with Android and Windows Phone. The benefit to Microsoft is obvious. Installing Windows Phone on HTC’s Android phones would allow them to gain a significant amount of market share without much effort. The benefit to HTC more complicated. HTC would be able to reduce its manufacturing costs since it would not have to develop and build separate hardware for its Android and Windows phone devices. The dual-booting phones would also deliver a higher value to consumers since they would have two ecosystems to choose from. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say if the perceived value of a dual-booting smartphone would translate into higher sales pictures for HTC.

If such a deal is reached between HTC and Microsoft, we could see the two companies partnering on a dual-booting Android and Windows RT tablet. Since HTC’s focus has always been the premium segment, it would be hard to create a device which could directly compete with the Nexus 7 on price. But again, consumers may be willing to pay a bit more for a tablet which can dual-boot two separate operating systems. Windows RT has not been well received by consumers or members of the press, but the platforms failures revolve around poor under-performing hardware and a lack of apps for consumers to choose from. HTC can certainly help on the hardware side and we’re seeing slow improvements on the apps side as move developers release Windows 8 apps.

HTC owes all of its early success to Microsoft and the company’s mobile operating systems. By returning to its roots, HTC may rediscover the magic that it once had and deliver truly amazing, delightful products.

About Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Tarcisio Medeiros

    I don’t think it would be a good move to HTC. I think Windows Phones sells because its price, or because Nokia’s Brand. I don’t see any people saying “I have a Lumia 1020, or I Want a HTC 8XT”. Dual boot could be interesting, but If I have to pay more because of this, I prefer an Android system.

    I think Microsoft should understand she is starting again on mobile market. Pay for licensing to a worse SO than having Android for free is crazy.
    For me, Both would be better If HTC sells premium design dual boot cellphone for Microsoft, so most people could test Windows Phone on its phone for free, and going for more market share, and Microsoft do the marketing for HTC, which is their worse part. Both would won.

    • mixxer

      Dual booting smartphones with Android and Windows Mobile? I think Microsoft should take it’s advice to HTC and use it themselves on their Nokia phones. No one likes Windows Mobile or buy devices that has it loaded. That’s why many OEMs are dropping “WM” like a hot potato and switching to Android. I find it interesting that just before Microsoft purchased the smartphone operations of Nokia, some engineers at Nokia were working on a Nokia -Android “ported” smartphone. Nokia, “you should chosen Android over WM.” Microsoft is going to ruin Nokia, and run it into the ground!
      Note to Microsoft: Leave the mobile business and stick to trying to make “Windows” a relevant operating system.

  2. Tomarone

    OK, it’s a good idea if HTC needs to sell more ONE phones, with Windows Phone installed. I’ll go for that! It’ll be called the TWO?

  3. Lhea

    Actually I did want the 8X by HTC. I actually dreaded switching from Android when I first got my Lumia with WP 8. I am BIG on HTC and I absolutely Love them so the HTC 8X was my next choice once I actually stop being rebellious and actually forced myself to learn my phone and learning your phone is the easy part. Loving it WAY too much after you learn it is the hard part. The HTC One is the device that I have wanted mor than any other device since the HTC Touch Pro II came out back in the day. I have had Nothing but HTC for the most part. I had HTC when it was a Windows Mobile Device which I liked way better than the WP 8 because Windows Mobile was like LITERALLY a small computer in the palm of your hand. Windows 8 will be EVERYTHING on the HTC bc although I love Android Windows is the Second Greatest phone Ive ever had when it came to putting info on my device and the device not lagging or freezing up . The ONLY device that allowed me to add a butt load of stuff and the processor moved as fast as it did from Day 1 is the Palm Pre, but Good Companies generally dont last long bc the world can convince people in the US of anything like Windows is not a Good idea on an HTC ????? Windows has been on HTC since back in 2009 from my knowledge and probably before that …I think this is Great for people who want the device, but have an Android Tablt and doesnt need an Android Phone. I need all Operating Systems so I an educated on all the issues so I can attempt to learn fixes and work arounds … THANKS HTC and WINDOWS I appreciate this dearly bc I want this HTC ONE BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!

  4. HTC One is the best phone I’ve had and I’ve had many. It’s shame that people are so lame and stupid to keep giving their love and money to boring yesterday’s news iphones when such a masterpiece is available.

  5. william

    I think it would be an awesome idea!! It would give people an option and you could go back and forth when ever you get bored plus not to mention you’d have the ability to do things that you’d normally couldn’t do with just one or the other.

  6. Mikhail Wudenkov

    Honestly, this would be a dream come true if it becomes a reality. I love the Windows Phone OS as a mobile phone OS but love the flexibility of Android. I also like HTC phones in general owning a Droid DNA ATM and about to be ready for upgrade in a few weeks. The Windows Phone 8 OS is extremely simple to use, everything is incredibly streamlined, and its Skype app doesn’t suck like the Android one does. At the same time though, Android has a few things that I just can’t see myself going without now that I have it. Namely speaking, my console emulators Mupen 64 AE and Myboy Free. That coupled with the fact that I’ve already dropped some cash on a bluetooth Moga controller specifically for those emulators makes it hard for me to switch away from Android, but having the option to use an OS that works, and works well would be amazing.

    I personally find Android buggy as hell when it comes to the apps available for it. I’ve had so many software issues (namely compatibility issues) on my phone, it’s ridiculous and at my place of work, the vast majority of software issues regarding phones stems from Android phones and not from Windows or iPhones. I was considering buying my friend’s 8X and carrying around two phones (one just for gaming), but if this comes true, I won’t need to do that.

    • Anthony

      If you want a portable game device, get a 3DS or PS Vita. Are you going to say PC’s are killing home consoles next?


    As Developer , Really htc is at its best in class & engineering, android is heavy OS compared to Windows Phone OS and Definitely HTC will replace iPhone in next coming with its innovative ideas like this

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  9. Henrik

    To date between 2 to 3% of the users choose a WP8 phone, if you look at the statistics of usage of devices used for browsing the web, that is even less, so no matter what people say about their WP8 handsets they clearly don’t use them for accessing the web!
    I can’t see any potential in WP8 besides the possibility of MS dropping money on HTC.

  10. Henry

    Windows phone is way more stable than the Android OS. It hardly freezes or crashes. Its only draw back is the lack of abundance of trending apps. That’s the reason Android sells better. If the same apps are available on both platforms, I will always go for a Windows OS