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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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HTC M4/One Mini sized up against the HTC One

HTC M4/One Mini sized up against the HTC One

Based on everything we know, we expect the HTC M4 to be named the HTC One Mini when it launches later this quarter. The device is rumored to feature a descent array of specs which would allow it to easily trounce the rumored Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini. Add to that a metal chassis design (which looks a lot like the HTC One) and we have a lust worthy mid-range phone which should capture the attention of consumers who aren’t really interested in purchasing a large device with all the latest and greatest specs.

But is the HTC M4 really small enough to be called the HTC One Mini? While we don’t have any information regarding the phone’s size, it is expected to feature a 4.3-inch display. With a little math and Photoshop work, we’ve been able to re-size the leaked image of the HTC M4 and align it with the HTC One. Our work may not be perfect, but the two images in this post should accurately depict the true size of the HTC M4 when paired up with the HTC One.

Do you think the HTC M4 small enough to be called the HTC One Mini?


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  1. Jordy

    If it would be small enough to be called the HTC One Mini would depend on its fysical size. Won’t it be possible to use a little more math to calculate the exact size of the M4? Perhaps by measuring the difference in height between the two devices.

  2. MCGTech

    HTC: Please leave room for a larger battery! Fewer charge cycles = longer battery lifetime = happy users.

    • Josh5310

      Remember people the phones display isn’t that large. Display is the main battery hog. You don’t need a 5000mAh for a 4.3in phone.

  3. Shawn

    Uhh… 1700mAH seems to be too little.
    Worst of all, it likely cannot change the battery by users.
    And maybe it won’t have the microSD extension.
    Hope HTC makes M4 more useful, with microSDXC extension and a change-able battery…


  4. ebrenjaro

    Yes, I do need 5000 mAh battery in a 4.3 screen phone, because I’m totally fed up with that It does not last for half a day! That is not normal that you use a smartphone as a smartphone that you pay a lot for and you have a movable land line phone because you have to keep is on the charger.

    • frank

      You are not a typical phone user. My Galaxy Nexus lasts me 2-3 days with moderate use. If you are killing your battery in half a day you are probably one of those idiots I see with a phone stuck to the side of their head 24/7. In the car, in the store, at the office – your life must revolve around your phone! Have fun with that brain cancer loser.

    • Neo

      Dream on. You wont see a battery that big in a device that small. I do agree it should be bigger than 1700mah.

  5. What are they update one v?