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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC J One launches on Japan’s KDDI with microSD card support

HTC J One launches on Japan’s KDDI with microSD card support

The HTC J One, a very close relative to the HTC One, is now available in Japan. The device looks the same as the international HTC One, but it does come with one clear distinction – a microSDXC card slot which is able to support up to 64GB of expandable storage. Before you start throwing insults at HTC while demanding the same device in Europe and the US, we’d like to point out that the HTC J One is structurally different from the HTC One we have come to know and love. The HTC J One may still flaunt and all aluminum body, but HTC has had to compromise the integrity of the main shell by making the back panel removable (note the latch in the image above where the SIM slot would typically be located). This has also added a bit of bulk and weight to the HTC One which measures 69 x 138 x 10.5mm and weighs in at 157g compared to 68.2 x 137.4x 9.3mm size and 143g weight of the global HTC One. That’s a 10% increase in thickness and weight!

Would any of you really be willing to trade the HTC One’s solid aluminum construction for a little extra expandable storage if you also choose a device which was thicker and heavier?

Source: KDDI

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  1. ranger67


    This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for!
    An extra 10% in weight and size. Really? We’re going to be that concerned about an extra 15 grams and give up functionality for it? Not in my case! Like everyone else, I look forward to the vendors creating thinner and lighter versions of their products, but I don’t want to loose any functions to those aesthetics. That’s like saying I’ll buy shoes without soles because they’ll be lighter and smaller.

  2. Droid Sam

    I’m perfectly happy with my 64GB HTC One. I’ve been using microSD-free phones for more than a year now and have never had an issue. The fact that the HTC One only has a 4mp camera makes expandable storage even less of an issue.

    Are people complaining about this on true principal or just looking for something to complain about? In what world do you really need more than 64GB of storage with you at all times? If anything, these people are simply lazy and don’t want to manage their content. They are probably the same people who own a two car garage and part their car in the driveway because the garage is filled with crap that they use once every 5 years.

  3. Eric Hook

    nfw. Have these people heard of clouds, play, dropbox…..

  4. If we converted mm to pixels, the image below shows the thickness and width differences between the HTC J One (red), HTC One (green) and Samsung Galaxy S4 (blue)

  5. Eric

    I would get the HTC One J if they’re the same price, otherwise, I would go with the HTC One. It’s not really a deal breaker for me to have non-removable storage.

  6. timdawg919

    HTC is the company that should be sued for copyright infringement of the iPhone. One of the main things that differentiates most android phones is that we could either add a spare battery when we were running on “E” or that we could expand our memory capacity by adding a micro SD card. The HTC One is now basically an iPhone with an Android os. How about this why not offer both versions,SD vs non SD and see which one the people buy.

    • I agree that there need to be options, but HTC is doing what they think is best for the company. HTC conducts large-scale consumer research on a regular basis and they shared some of their research last year which showed the vast majority of consumers preferred thinner devices over other features. HTC has changed the way its constructs its phones to deliver the thinnest device possible while using premium materials and larger batteries.

      If HTC’s decisions don’t sit right with you, there are plenty of other options available.

      • timdawg919

        True which is why I have went to Samsung. I have the original note as well as the note 2 as well as the S3. I at one time was HTC fanboy I pre ordered the G1 and was android fiend ever since. I bought just about every phone they brought out for T-Mobile but somewhere after the G2 they started getting sloppy the sense started messing up things. On my Sensation my text messages would just disappear but the vibrant I had and the S2 never did that and battery life was better. Apparently other people thought so too which is why HTC stock took tumble and went from being the number one android device to number two. I was such fan of HTC I even bought the HTC Flyer but I’m responding to you on my Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus because my flyer is so slow it’s ridiculous!

        • Keep in mind, the Flyer is a bit archaic by today’s standards. I still use it from time to time at work, but only for taking notes. HTC had a really good run with Android because it was the first company to go all-in with the platform. They also had the 4G advantage with the first 4G phones on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Now that they playing field has leveled out, HTC is having a hard time getting consumers to buy a premium product when there are so many other options available which can do nearly everything that an HTC phone can.

      • timdawg919

        And yes I even had HTC windows mobile phones MDA, Vox, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2,HD2, HTC Universal more that I can’t even remember. Wow looking back at this now I’ve had A LOT OF PHONES! LOL

  7. Naga

    Nick Gray, you really ought to be ashamed of yourself for defending HTC’s misactions against the askings of the buying market and WOW an SD-XC slot; the capacity on those are great! Few could tell the difference in girth in those diagrams you posted. Its even more insulting that HTC manufactures the device with the feature people want but refuses to equip it with the appropriate antennae for US consumption, this package could have been unbeatable against the unoriginal and tacky S4. Be a fan of the brand but not a blind defender.

  8. Naga

    Any hey, I like this website; I check in a few times a day. Thanks for keeping it up!

  9. TxHotBoi7777

    call the s4 tacky all you want but samsung continues to add fuctionality and tons of software feature htc next to none it was cool to see Samsungs live video gallery on a htc phone without it rooting though and the best photo eraser,and,,,,,,,