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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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HTC working on a Microsoft tablet with HD display

HTC working on a Microsoft tablet with HD display

Despite previous comments from HTC reps, reports from a snoopy research marketing and consulting firm, NPD DisplaySearch indicates that HTC is working on an HD display tablet running Microsoft’s latest cross-platfrom OS. These reports were released at an annual conference on March 28th and basically sound like a hunch based on some possible leads. Of course neither Microsoft nor HTC had any comments on the topic to prove or disprove the latest rumor so let’s see what details there are to dispose.

It looks as though NPD DisplaySearch has collected information that suggests HTC has invested time, money and energy in the following areas:

  • Tablet assembly; which may have already started by a company called Pegatron Corp. (known for putting laptops together)
  • Purchase of display hardware; a 10.1″ 1080p display model purchased from LG.

HTC hasn’t released a tablet since 2011, during the rise in popularity of tablet sized smart devices. If this claim is accurate HTC must be very eager to get back into the game and it could show the world that HTC has the confidence to pursue other avenues while not totally relying on the success of the upcoming Android phone the HTC One.

We are not up to speed on the current status in sales of Microsoft Surface products, but their commercials sure are eye catching.

Source: ChinaPost

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  1. Muayyad

    It has to be a killer tablet!

  2. Josh5310

    Love I was hoping they would make a Jelly bean 8.3in tablet, but this is the next best thing!