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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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German court throws out a patent claim in Nokia vs HTC lawsuit

German court throws out a patent claim in Nokia vs HTC lawsuit

Jumping off the HTC One bandwagon for a minute and putting on a collard shirt and tie we want to talk about a recent minor win for HTC in the courthouse. Yesterday, a judge in the District Court of Mannheim, Germany dismissed a patent claim that focuses on the way an Android phone accesses the Internet by way of the Google Play Store.

Just to be clear as mud here, this patent lawsuit is really a big shot at Google’s Android platform, but disguised as a direct shot at HTC since it is the motor burning the fuel. Apparently they method content is delivered from the developer to the customer through Google Play servers was originally conceived by the folks at Nokia or some company under theirs. This win is a small sigh of relief for HTC since there are approximately 21 other claims from Nokia in Germany and more claims in other countries to include the US. This is however, a bigger win for Google and the rest of the manufacturers using the same architecture with their Android smartphones and tablets.

Source: Engadget

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