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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC to capitalize on strong demand for large-screen smartphones with an HTC Butterfly successor

HTC to capitalize on strong demand for large-screen smartphones with an HTC Butterfly successor

The HTC One may be HTC’s main flagship device for 2013, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see any other news worth devices from HTC this year. HTC’s Ben Ho revealed today that HTC is working on a successor to the HTC Butterfly to capitalize on strong consumer demand for large-screen smartphones. Since the debut of the HTC J Butterfly in Japan last year, HTC has struggled keeping up with demand for the handset.

Unfortunately, Ho did not give any details about the upcoming handset’s specs. It’s easy to assume the that phone would sport a faster Qualcomm processor, but we wouldn’t be surprised if HTC chose not to equip it with the new Ultrapixel camera sensor currently being used in the HTC One.

While Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA is one of the many HTC Butterfly variants on the market, there’s no guarantee that Verizon or any other US service provider will be getting the Butterfly successor. We suspect HTC will do its best to contain the HTC Butterfly successor to a handful of Asian countries just as it did with the original device.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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  1. ranger67

    I hope this gets to ATT in the US. I left HTC some time ago as they dropped external memory (microsd) support. If this makes it to the US with some sort of external memory support, I’ll be happy to migrate back.

  2. Josh5310

    I wonder if that phone we saw frequently, for the HTC One leaks (The one with no front facing speakers) might be one of the original renderings of this successor to the Butterfly/Droid DNA.

    • Amro99

      that was just a prototype of htc one, and not the design of any model

      • Toasty

        How do you know? Do you work at HTC?

        • Two separate sources of our who do work at HTC have confirmed that the device Josh5310 is referencing was a development/testing prototype used to keep the real look of the HTC One under wraps.

          • Amro99

            Thanks Nick!