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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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The edge of the HTC One revealed in new teaser image from HTC

The edge of the HTC One revealed in new teaser image from HTC

With less than five days left on the HTC One countdown timer, HTC has released another teaser image through all of its social media channels. This time around, the image shows a close-up of a human eye with the February 19th date embedded in the iris and the edge of the HTC One (aka the HTC M7) appearing in the pupil.

As with HTC’s last teaser image, there’s probably more here than meets the eye (pun intended). The close-up of the eye could be a reference to the phone’s full HD display (the 4.7-inch 1080p display is expected to have a 468ppi), but it could also be pointing to HTC’s reference to a new “camera experience” in the infographic they published on their blog last week. We’re not exactly sure the pupil looks like a circuit board or microchip, but we’re love to hear your theories. Are there any other clues in the HTC One teaser image that we’ve missed?

Source: HTC

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  1. Eric

    can’t really see much from the picture, but it looks thin

  2. Si

    Looks like the leak that has been going round for evleaks

  3. Nino Brown

    Guess I haven’t been keeping up. This is the first I’ve heard the screen is 4.7 inches, which is a good thing.

  4. MCGTech

    A demonstration of HTC One’s macro ability? Pretty awesome if true

  5. Grant

    looks like one x? lol
    hope it’s even sexier!

    appreciate u guys’ work here
    greetings from Taiwan:)

  6. Lense

    F2, 19mm, 13Mpx

    • GF

      Makes sense.

  7. GF

    The pupil is a reference to the rumored new camera imaging chip, called “Cinesensor” according to leaks. Or maybe it refers to a new graphics processor (Snapdragon 800 uses Adreno 330, or maybe Tegra 4’s 72-core GPU).