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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Peter Chou shows off silver/white HTC M7 at company party

Peter Chou shows off silver/white HTC M7 at company party

We always get a little bit of push back from you guys when we post exclusive stories from confidential sources without any physical evidence to back them up. At times, other sites are able to confirm the stories through sources of their own, but it’s even better if HTC’s CEO decides to back you up.

During HTC’s 2012 Year End party, Peter Chou took the stage to thank the HTC M7 team for all the hard work and overtime they have put in to finish the phone before it is unveiled later this month. He then proceeded to show off a silver/white HTC M7 (which we initially reported on just two days ago) to take a picture of the audience. While the source video does not show off much detail of the HTC M7, the back of the device does appear to be mostly covered in aluminum with white plastic accents along the top and bottom.

It’s obvious that Peter Chou and his employees are excited about the HTC M7. Hopefully, all that excitement will translate into a solid smartphone and an aggressive marketing campaign.

Let us know what you think about the silver/white HTC M7. Would you rather have a stealth black phone with no accent colors or a flashy white device with an aluminum back?

Source: NextTVcnYES (Chinese) via: Engadget

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  1. Alban

    Cmon HTC, give us the M7 in red. The UK missed out on the J and the J Butterfly models. HTC always had a great looking red phones, i’m still hoping we get it with their new range.

  2. Eric

    flashy phones all the way. Making 2 phones is a good idea. There will always be flashy people and people who like black case

  3. Looks like a more rounded version of an 8X. Not a bad thing at all.

  4. anaron

    Of the known colors I’d prefer the black one. I just don’t like white for any electronics. If there would an all out aluminum version, I’d prefer that one.

    Though a nice (not flashy) saturated red (like the buttons on the droid DNA) would be my perfect color.

  5. MCGTech

    The G2 case is still my favorite and throw in Sprint’s kickstand. Anyone notice the identical delineation at both ends of the phone? Stereo speakers! Yay!
    *dusts off his eBay/PayPal accounts for financial aid*

  6. jan

    Just recognized this…


  7. Andrew

    It looks like it could possibly have a removable battery.