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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC will pay you $100 to upgrade to the new HTC One

HTC will pay you $100 to upgrade to the new HTC One

If you think you’ll be buying the HTC One at launch, HTC would like to give you $100 regardless if you purchase the phone from T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T. Naturally there’s a bit of a catch, as you’ll be required to send in your old phone to cash in on the offer. The good news is that HTC isn’t saying that you need to send them your latest phone or even a smartphone to get the cash. The fine print simply states that you need to purchase and activate your HTC One before March 31st and mail your old device in (with your HTC One proof of purchase) by April 30th.

If you have an old flip phone taking up space in your desk drawer, this may be a good time to dust it off, charge it up and make sure it still works. Make sure you sign up for HTC’s limited time offer and let us know if you plan on purchasing the HTC One?

Source: HTC One Upgrade site



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  1. jl

    Why only in bloody America? In Europe we do pay far more for telephones and never have such cool cashback actions.

    • HTC has teamed up with Clover Wireless which offers handset recycling programs in the United States. There are plenty of companies that do exactly the same thing in Europe as well. Envirofone will give you £153.10 for the HTC One X. They don’t have a minimum $100 refund guarantee, but it’s certainly a good option if you don’t want to sell your phone yourself.

  2. Dezzy

    But you guys dont get raped by your carriers the way we do.

    • Thomas

      True you have some quite scary terms when you buy a phone. Here in Denmark the most the can force me to stay is 6 month.

      • At least the U.S. has is better than the 3-year contracts they offer in Canada. Just imagine upgrading your phone every three years. Just think about it, if you purchased the HTC Desire at launch in Canada you could finally upgrade to the HTC One in May. if that’s not considered an upgrade, I don’t know what is.

  3. Oronde Robinson

    I will be purchasing the HTC One, I’m so excited!

  4. Chris Gray

    i was reading the terms, and it appears your device needs to be active at the time of purchase of the HTC One. Section 7.2 of terms of agreement Wireless has the right to reject any trade-ins for promotional trade-in submissions where 1) the used device is submitted by anyone other than the user of the used device and 2) when the used device was not active at the time of the new device purchase

  5. reszha

    Why not in indonesia?

  6. John

    I would do this, but I can easily sell my phone on eBay for 150 – 200.