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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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HTC One is “the One” flagship phone from HTC for this year

HTC One is “the One” flagship phone from HTC for this year

Last year, HTC has a handful of flagship handset devices which launched across the globe, but according to Phil Roberson, HTC’s UK and Ireland executive director, the HTC One is the only flagship phone the company will be focusing on in 2013. back in early 2012, Phil claimed that the HTC was scaling back to focus on more “hero” devices. While the HTC One family of phones in 2012 was much more refined than in years past, HTC was more focused on pushing out new devices rather than zeroing in its marketing and software support on the 2-3 phones which really mattered.

Our friends over at Omio caught up with Phil Roberson at Mobile World Congress this week and asked him a few questions about the HTC One. Unfortunately, Omio did not share all of the questions they asked, below are a few quotes from Phil Robinson:

“Last year we had the X and the S, where people had different personal preferences between the two”

“We just said, let’s just create one flagship device for this year”

Omio finished up by asking “So, there won’t be any more HTC something’s this year?” to which Phil replied “No; this is The One.

Since HTC’s new flagship device is simply called HTC One, we’re more inclined to believe Phil this time around. We know that HTC will be releasing other Android and Windows phone devices in the coming months, but it looks like the HTC One will be the single device that will get HTC back on its feet in 2013.

Source: Omio


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  1. Tonarheim

    Go for it.

  2. Shen

    Phil ROBERSON. Not Robinson.

    • Thanks for catching that. Corrected!

  3. SimonH

    But rumours of a HTC built Nexus device/phone will still be flying round….

  4. Muayyad

    All they need 3 devices per year max! and a competitive pricing.

    • Muayyad

      I mean 3 for android and 2 for windows. Giving more software support.

  5. Carlos

    Well, they’ve lost me then. I have a One S and will continue to buy smaller phones with high-end processors and cameras, even if that means I have no choice but to get an iPhone.

  6. 123

    the HTC ONE TWO ^^

  7. Really love the look of this phone, but I would love a smaller size model with similar high specs.

  8. Statue

    I’m REALLY glad they are doing it this way. I believe that doing so will help HTC get back on its feet. (Although, in the back of my mind, it’s a tiny bit disappointing that we wont be looking forward to another QWERTY device. Long live the Desire Z!)