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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC marketing teaser leaves us with more questions than answers

HTC marketing teaser leaves us with more questions than answers

It’s not unusual for a technology company to put out marketing teasers about upcoming products, but we’re not exactly sure what to make of this latest piece from HTC. The promo image, featuring a heart connected to a circuit board, was sent out to members of the press in Germany and simply declares ALIVE SOON!

We know that HTC is holding a press event in New York and London on February 19th and we’re pretty sure that the HTC M7 will be the phone taking the stage. What we don’t know is how a heart powered circuit board fits into all of it. We could probably throw out a few theories as to why the promo makes complete sense, but we’d be pushing the boundaries of our credibility. Our safest (and probably the most accurate) guess is that HTC is just trying to stir things up a little in the media with an odd image in an effort to create even more awareness around the upcoming HTC M7.

Let’s have a little fun of our own. What crazy new feature do you think HTC will include in the M7 which merits such a disturbing promotional piece?

Source: BestBoyZ

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  1. Sam Sung

    HTC can do whatever they want. I will never buy their product again. Never.

    • DHD owner

      Why? I was really disappointed as well as the update of my lovely DHD to ICS was cancelled. But

      – the DHD is still a great phone
      – and the One X(+) and the One S feel and look much better than the S3 for example

      I will take the M7 into account when deciding to buy a new phone. Hopefully HTC create something big with the M7 to come back with a phantastic phone.

  2. Si

    I take it the article should read Feb 19th not Nov. I think with the heart it has to be something to do with the processor. That is the heart of the device after all. Perhaps we will have a higher spec processor than we all think. hmmmm very interesting

    • Thanks for catching that. Not sure why in the world I wrote November in there.

  3. seth

    I wonder if this has to do with the butterfly not the m7. The US version is the droid DNA so maybe the European version will carry a similar body inspired name?

  4. larvjudas

    Obviously a new heart rate sensor 😉

  5. Dr.B

    It looks to me like they just made a cute ‘Integrated Beats [Audio]’ advertisement.