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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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Exclusive: HTC One (M7) U.S. retail availability and price revealed

Exclusive: HTC One (M7) U.S. retail availability and price revealed

Nearly a week and a half ago, we broke the news that HTC would start selling the HTC M7 in Europe on March 8th. That date was later confirmed by another source, along with a price tag of of €649.99 (roughly $880). Today, a trusted source has revealed to us that the U.S launch of the HTC One (M7) is set for March 22nd.

Our source has confirmed that the HTC M7 will launch as the HTC One on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint with 32GB of internal storage, starting at $199.99 with a two year contract. Those looking in need of more storage can opt for the 64GB model which will sell for $299.99. Our source has also confirmed that the HTC One will have metal casing with front-facing stereo speakers. The device will be available in both black and silver/white. Previous images of the HTC One with a black soft-touch casing  were real, but our source claims they were pre-production units which were used during various phases of testing. The final metal design can be previewed in the teaser videos HTC posted with the countdown clock that’s ticking down on

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Shelley

    I really really really can’t wait for this phone to come out !!!!!

  2. Ant Man

    These reports just keep getting better and better! Excited to read that there will be a 64gb model! I’ve been holding out getting a new phone forever (HTC myTouch 4G user with 32gb mem card) !!!

    Wonder if this will be an LTE model for T-Mobile users like me though? Hmmm.

  3. Deric

    Any word on the Verizon DLXPLUS variant?

    • Nothing new to report. We have a feeling that Verizon will launch the HTC One, but they want to make a few tweaks of their own. They may also want to delay the launch a little since they probably have a six month exclusive deal worked out for the Droid DNA and have quite a bit of inventory to work through.

      • shrike1978

        Which is a sad thing. I don’t want a phablet, and I will never buy one. Even a 4.7″ screen is pushing the limits for me, though I won’t discount it. If they’d make something with these specs, but a size closer to my beloved Rezound, I’d scoop it up in a heartbeat.

        When are companies going to learn that not everyone wants a giant phone? There are some of us who love the superphone specs but want it at a more reasonable sub-4.5″ size.

  4. popartist

    T-Mobile – yeah baby! Possibly 64 gb – YEAH baby! (fingers crossed)

  5. Dave

    Major fail if it doesn’t go to Verizon. No one Is buying the dna and htc can’t compete without all 4 major carriers.

    • According to Amazon, the DNA on Verizon is only being outsold by the Note II and the DROID RAZR MAXX HD (and possibly the iPhone 5). It may not be a massive success, but it’s certainly more popular than most of Verizon’s other Android offerings.

      • Dave

        That’s not saying very much, and you forgot one, the sg3… Which means it is behind every phone on Verizon other than the cheap budget phones that no one can name.

        Just saying, because I like htc, etc…. But the strategy here blows. Even if they do release the ONE 6 months later, it is too late… It will walk straight into the buzz saw known as the sg4…. And possibly even the moto x. Which is exactly why htc is rushing the ONE to market ahead of those releases… Just my opinion… I don’t think they will release it on VZ anyways… I think the dlx plus is the dna with more memory and maybe slightly bigger battery… Like the one x + etc…

  6. Reid

    Any idea if this phone, or a version of it, will be coming to US Cellular?

    • There’s not any evidence to suggest that the HTC One is heading to U.S. Cellular. Over the years, U.S. Cellular has offered a handful of HTC phone, but they have never been top of the line devices.

  7. brandon h

    Do you think sprint might tweak their variant so they have some sort of HTC evo one? I am on sprint and currently have the evo 4g lte, which I love.

  8. steve

    Any word on the dimension of this phone? will it be same size as the one x?

  9. Any word if this device will support Verizon LTE?

  10. Chris

    Verizon needs to quit screwing their customers and offer this phone when the other carriers do. I’m tired of their games. I’ve been waiting since July to upgrade my 2.5 year old Incredible.
    The perfect phone finally comes along, and Verizon opts out.

  11. RaverBR

    I’ve “to have” one of this, it’s the new generation of top smartphones. I’m placing to sell right now my Galaxy Nexus.

  12. TemplarofLTE

    I’m still very excited about this, but now it doesn’t seem like it will be tomorrow. Nick, do you know of any instances when they waited until the day before to announce availability? Didn’t that happen with the Droid DNA?

  13. Trippy t

    Do you know exactly when the tmobile ones come out ?

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