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HTC Source | January 17, 2018

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Update: New HTC Sense 5 screenshots give us a closer looks at the new UI

Update: New HTC Sense 5 screenshots give us a closer looks at the new UI

As much as we love sharing new details of the HTC M7 and HTC Sense 5, the amount of new information coming out has been a little overwhelming. The latest HTC Sense 5 screenshots come to us from mdeejay from XDA-Developers. While previous HTC Sense 5 screen shots that we’ve seen came from the HTC M7, this latest batch is from mdeejay’s port of a Sprint HTC M7 ROM running on the HTC Droid DNA – the same ROM spotted running on the DNA that we originally shared yesterday.

Mdeejay has not released the HTC Sense 5 ROM for the Droid DNA, but it’s only a matter of time before others will be able to enjoy the latest Sense build on their 1080p phones. There’s a good chance that we could see this ROM running on HTC’s 720p phone as well, but it will require significantly more work since all of the graphical assets will need to be re-sized.

Update: A new screen shot of the HTC Sense 5 home screen has been added. It looks like HTC will be retaining the traditional flip clock in Sense 5 after all.

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  1. Sheldon G

    Personally I’m not liking this new look at all. I think they’re going away from the tech-forward look and too much toward the “Look what I made in InDesign” look (if that makes sense…pun not intended). I think one of the primary things that has always set Sense apart was its style (think Sense Widgets). Touchwiz to me while more “natural” is far too “cartoonish”. These screen-shots to me seem like they’re going in that direction and I (clearly) don’t like it. That is my opinion.

  2. Fifth313ment

    If that is sense 5, then my EVO LTE will be my last HTC phone. I love sense 4+ and going to a flat style with no more cool weather effects and icons, themes, etc and I’m gone. It’s sad as I really love HTC. But even the home buttons being switched bothers me too. HTC should have kept their quality and old phones while pushing marketing and software updates faster. This sucks…

    • Muayyad

      I agree, keep in mind this could be just the initial sense 5 development rom especially when you know this rom is actually ported from a leaked version. Porting usually compromises some features and I have a feeling that this rom is not full sense 5.

    • FYI, a new screen shot shows that the old flip clock is still alive and well in HTC Sense 5.

      • muayyad

        I have a strong faith in htc and I believe the new sense will have more than what leaks show. More customization options will set htc to the top. Hardware wise, won’t make an impact as the software because most manufacturers share same shipsets and hardware parts.

  3. Scary Guy

    “Please enable javascript to view this site.”


  4. Yuval Nodel

    If this is Sense 5, Im going to stay with HTC. Its the most beautiful it has ever been. That call interface is attractive.

    • Tonarheim

      Agreed. This is good news for HTC fans!

  5. John

    HTC HTC HTC…. I’m a huge fan of your devices but you need to go back to your sensation, Amaze days where it had a a beautiful Aluminum metal design instead of this poly-carbonate crap like on the One X and 8 X. Removable Rear Doors where you see your Micro SD slot and battery replacement. Sense being the customization skin that you would never let go! Focus on your stellar designs fantastic cameras and beats audio galore making it a beautiful high end phone for gamers photographers and musicians. Sense 5 Im a little scared of the release pics makes it look 2D no creativity just blah not even simple, Hopefully that isnt the new sense because 2013 is your make it or break it year. If you would go back to your old days i Would take one of your phones over an ugly plasticy Sammy Phone any day otherwise i’m forced. I Still say to this Day the The T mobile HTC Amaze 4G was the best phone in the hand and best design with high end quality feeling I’ve ever experienced over the Iphone any Android phone BB or WP phone just bliss! GO BACK TO THAT!!!!!!!

  6. Nildo

    Loved this new look ! Waiting it on my HTC One X

  7. ubarua

    I agree with Sheldon G, this new interface definitely looks more “catoonish” like the horrible touchwiz. That said, one cannot confirm since these are ‘leaked’ pics.
    But if all this means sense being faster and more user friendly, then I have no problem. As far as hardware is concerned, I trust HTC since they never go wrong with hardware. So, HTC FTW! .. Don’t disappoint your fans! 🙂

  8. victor

    what about the carousel / circular efect? i am still on Sense 3.6 because the 4 version does not have the circular movement of the screens. i need it to be continuous 🙂