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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC M7 replacement parts shown off in detailed video

Today’s new HTC M7 news story may not be as exciting as leaked images of a working handset or screen shots of HTC Sense 5, but it does give us look inside the HTC M7. The video above shows off the rear housing and middle housing of the HTC M7. According to ETrade Supply, the housing of the HTC M7 is very similar to the HTC Droid DNA, but the lack of accent trim on the M7 housing make is appear more plain. As far as size goes, the HTC M7 housing is said to measure 137 x 70mm, making it larger than the HTC One X+, but a good 4mm shorter than the DNA.

The video does not reveal much new information about the HTC M7, but it does give us a close look at power, volume and camera button placement on the device. Honestly, we’re going to be a bit disappointed if the HTC M7, with a 4.7-inch display, is only slightly smaller than the Droid DNA which features a 5-inch display even if the housing of the M7 does appear to be thinner than that of the DNA.

Device Size Screen
HTC M7 137 x 70 4.7-inches
HTC One X+ 134.4 x 69.9 4.7-inches
HTC Butterfly 143 x 70.5 5-inches
HTC Droid DNA 141 x 70.5 5-inches


For more details on the upcoming flagship HTC phone, be sure to check out all of out HTC M7 coverage.

Via: Android Central

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  1. Shelley

    Yes I am hoping for a smaller handset. That’s what appealed to me, top notch specs in a small package.

  2. wonder why not a 5-inch with a highest spec to date. ๐Ÿ™

  3. seth

    Not to get anyone’s hopes up but don’t you think the lack of a gasket could be do to the fact the back is removable? Maybe for a sd card and or a removable battery? I know the rumors say otherwise but couldn’t those rumors be wrong? I know there are plenty of possible reasons why there was no gasket, I just wanted to point out a reason I think others might have overlooked.

    • Mike

      I had my hopes up on a removable battery too. But after watching that video, the presenter stated that once the housing and battery door are snapped together, the only way to get the door off is with a plastic separation tool.

      There won’t be a removable battery on this phone. So, guess I won’t be buying this one either.

      • seth

        I forgot he mentioned that. I really wanted an sd card and a removable battery is always a plus too, but if it has a decent battery and storage I can live without them. As long as sense 5 is as impressive as 4 and up. Sent from my rezound with Nil’s business sense 4

    • MCGTech

      What he is calling a SIM slot is too big for micro SIM. Here’s hoping..