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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Exclusive: New HTC M7 details emerge – all black design with a “simple and clean” UI

Exclusive: New HTC M7 details emerge – all black design with a “simple and clean” UI

You may be tired of hearing about the upcoming HTC M7, but we sure aren’t – especially since we’re just received some insider information from a trusted source. The past 24 hours have been quite exciting for us as we’ve received quite a few new details about the HTC M7.

According to our source, the HTC M7 is currently running on Android 4.1.2 (which may be updated before launch) and a new version of HTC Sense (most likely HTC Sense 5.0) with an updated “simple and clean” UI. The lock screen and HTC apps have received a huge facelift and HTC has tweaked the software to make it easier to use. One example of these new tweaks is the on-screen volume controls which features a shortcut that jumps directly into the phone’s volume settings page. Unfortunately, our source has debunked the recent rumor that the HTC M7 will feature on-screen buttons.

The physical design of the HTC M7 is said to carry a few design cues from the HTC Droid DNA with an black shell and a “very nice looking beveled edge” along the screen. While previous rumors indicated that the M7 would be constructed with a unibody aluminum shell, our source says that the phone he’s seen is constructed with the same materials as the Droid DNA.

Specs on the HTC M7 are said to include a quad-core processor (rumored to be a Qualcomm APQ8064), a 4.7-inch 1080 x 1920 display (that’s 468 ppi for those keeping count), 32GB of internal storage (no expandable storage slot was visible on the phone) and is currently being tested on Sprint’s LTE network.

Our source has confirmed that HTC is planning to bring the HTC M7 to market in the first quarter of 2013. Hopefully, more details about the HTC M7’s launch date will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

About Nick Gray

Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. HTC is listening B-)
    This will be their come back, buying it day one (sim free) when it comes out in UK

    Oh yeah, one other thing: HTC Elevate is working 😉

  2. myself11

    The lack of on screen buttons is a great thing, but I can’t understand why HTC keeps doing the same mistakes. The lakc of SD hurt sales of One X against SIII and will do the same on the next generation.

    • Erik R

      People need to stop with the whole microSD card thing. Apple proved that the general public does not care about expandable storage. The best selling phone on the planet is limited to 16GB of non-expandable storage. Live with it. The masses don’t want/need more than that.

      I don’t know of one regular consumer who said “I’m not buying the HTC because I can’t stick and SD car in it.”

      It’s all about marketing and carrier support. People bought the SGSIII because Samsung marketed the crap out of it. People are always saying “did you see that Samsung commercial? I think I need to check that phone out.” Plain and simple. Create awareness and your product will sell. It’s business 101 people.

      • Sean

        So what you’re saying is that smart people who actually intend on using a phone for what it is capable of, are punished because stupid morons buy iphones and barely know how to listen to music on their phones???

        Pardon me for, and apparently most people who comment, for NOT buying into the stupid commercial bullshit that the masses, and Apparently YOU Erik R, have fallen for. That is THE number 1 reason why I won’t upgrade to the Droid DNA, because I have 40 gig of stuff on my thunderbolt currently. 16 gig Won’t do it. 32 gig I Can live with, and if the M7 does come to verizon, I am buying it

        • CH

          What a phone is capable of? Its a phone! Not an mp3 player, not a camera or a storage drive. It’s a PHONE!!!! Everything else is and should be secondary.
          If you need more storage than 32 gigs, then you need to start using an mp3 player for music, a tv for watching movies, and a camera to take pics. They all will do it better than any phone will. The “morons” are you storage freak users who can’t afford all the above and sit on your phone all day and push everyone else’s data rates through the roof.
          Listening to music on your phone!?? Sure a few songs, but get a job and some friends and start communicating with your mouth.
          The removable battery is a non-issue. There is no reason it would need it to be removable.
          I am no apple fan, but look at the volume and the users they have without those options.
          By the way, I’m on year 3 with my Incredible.

          • Sean

            Um, If i am going to spend 650 bucks on something (which I will have to do to to keep from losing my unlimited data with vzw) then I better use all of it’s features. Mp3 players are pointless SINCE PHONES DO THAT! I have a tv, but am not at home all the time, and I think a point and shoot camera is pointless for me, if my phone does a plenty good enough job of it. The CARRIERS are who push data rates through the roof. because it doesn’t cost the amount they charge, for the different data tiers. The carriers are just greedy. I pay 30 a month for unlimited 4g with Verizon. If they agreed that 4g data could cost that much, then for them to charge 100 a month for 12 gig is just price gouging. Most of my music and video usage is during to and from work, or other transportations.

            Also a removeable batter IS an issue ,if it isn’t big enough. I have a 2750mah battery in my thunderbolt, and there are days when I leave for work, and when i get home it Barely has any life left, or is dead, and i do need to put my backup in, That day.

            Again, Apple is a company for people who want a smart phone, but don’t understand anything about tech. you actually think most people edit movies, or do photo editing like who apple market to? NO. they text, and listen to music on itunes.

            so far this month with 4 days left, I have used over 30 gig of data. Part of that is due to the fact that my landlord has repeatedly not paid his internet bill and i’ve had to use my hotspot as my primary source of internet for my laptop, which i need for work.

            All that proves by their volumes isn’t that it is the best option, it’s how many people fit into the sheep category

      • Laura

        Sorry Eric, I’m that one customer. I need and use the micro SD, and I know a lot of other people do too. Read some of the other forums-it’s like the number one complaint. And given that this phone is sporting a huge camera, I’ll need that space for pics when traveling. I do a lot of work with pictures and designs, and like that I can pop that little card out and lend it to a client etc. And honestly, how hard could it be to include it? The DNA has it in European markets (or at least that’s what I’ve read), but the US market didn’t get that. Sorry-deal breaker, and I love HTC.


      In this engineer’s humble opinion, “It’s just a phone” no longer rings true.

      The “smartphone” has long since gone past merely, or even singly, being primarily a mobile telephone.
      View any teen’s logs and very likely the call log is barely filled, yet, their SMS, FB and Instagram logs are large.

      The majority of purchasers (of these devices) are not prioritizing their purchase of this technology based upon its Calling Features but rather on CPU/GPU specifications, RAM and HDD along with Camera specs, Graphics Resolution and Applications availability. And for many on Replaceable Power Cell and on additional storage expansion.

      The Networked Mobile Device (NMD including smartphone, phablet and tablet) has morphed into much more than simply a phone. The NMD is, by all means, a fully-fledged computing device with capabilities of desktops, laptops/notebooks and even workstation. And who nowadays purchases a computer where its storage capacity (HDD) is limited to what the OEM installs.

      These “mobile phones” now have dual, quad and soon octa-core processors, advanced GPU’s and optical sensors raising them to the level of a CDC (Compact Digital Camera).

      They sport wireless technologies such as NFC and Bluetooth allowing near-field communications and the 802.11 WiFi protocols not “needed” in a mere mobile phone. With some offering accessories such as docking ports and keyboard/mouse setups allowing it to nearly circumvent the need for a desktop PC.

      If you’re primary purchase criteria, of a NMD-smartphone, is that it’s first and foremost a device for voice communications then you’re more and more going to find yourself in the minority.

      Even for the Mobile Warrior the NMD-Smartphone (or Phablet or Tablet) is becoming more and more a primary computing device as well as a primary communications device. And those communications are just as focused not only upon telephone calls but on email, VPN capabilities, messaging (beyond mere voicemail) and STORAGE. Additionally is the necessity to power these devices (in full usage modes) for 8-12 hour stretches (or more).

      Ask any road warrior if the NMD has become a integral tool for presentation or for correspondence and you’ll find affirmative answers. Firing up the full desktop OS via the laptop is no longer always the cost effective or “quick-time” tool being utilized.

      And with Microsoft launching WP8 and its growing inter-connectivity with the Windows 8 platform, MS Office and the MS Server platforms the NMD-Smartpone must have larger HDD’s and longer run-times. Until power cell technology advances to its next generation the need for replaceable batteries will grow not lessen. Standby Times don’t measure up when you’re accessing business correspondence, marketing communications, sales data and more.

      So Storage capacity and replaceable power cells are important. Even for the average enduser as the smartphone took on advanced technical capabilities the MP3 player became less needed; if you have the ability to double your NMD’s storage capacity by inserting an SD Card. For the Mobile Warrior it has become a key selling point. Many colleagues (including your average “regular user”have asked if we see 64g HDD (internal. And external) on the horizon.

      With Mobile Service Providers moving towards LTE Advanced networks more and more endusers will be accessing larger downloads and watching full-stream HD videos both requiring adequate power and storage.

      So despite some feeling that an embedded power cell or the lack of additional storage are features “no one” really cares about there are many others for which it can be a “Go-No Go” purchase decision.

      For those whom the NMD-Smartphone is “mostly” just a phone then there’s always the lower-end Feature Phone or the entry-level smartphone with an embedded battery and 2,4,8 or 16g internal HDD. For the remainder we’ll keep being verbal towards OEM’s that the Removable Battery and SD Card Slot are essential.

      Finally. Take a close look at Samsung’s 2012 Accessories lineup that includes more and more docking stations with “extra” battery charger included.
      Curious how the leading smartphone OEM has not seen fit to use the embedded battery nor removed the SD Card Slot.

      Yes, there are clouds and freebie online storage websites and many of us (warrior, teen user and “phone is primary”) who daily access such places. For myself, I shall continue to blog, post and wiki my personal desire for replaceable power cells and ever increasing SDHC Card capacities.

      And to shrinking minority of physical qwerty keyboard users I shall continue to push my thoughts that it is still a viable market segment deserving of a top-end device. The Motorola Photon Q is “nice” but not nearly leading edge.

  3. Brenda

    I really hope it comes to Verizon, I don’t care about the removable battery, but, I would like phones to come standard 32gb. Then micro sd, wouldn’t be a problem. And if, HTC is smart, they should release this phone on all carriers.

  4. ASONU

    I am wondering will the sd slot be put in the same slot of SIM, like HTC butterfly.
    Sorry for my poor English

  5. Brenda

    No sd slot. But I read it may come internal 32 and 64.

  6. Phil

    I’m truly hTC fanboy and i want to said that Frist, I hate the apps drawer of hTC, what a boring background it’s only black?. Secound audio quality, i need the real cool DAC or real cool sound chip. and finally, hTC smartphone’s camera is really suck.

    whatever! this year hopefully i can get a great hTC’s android tablet as well

    • John

      HTC has the top cameras in the business. That’s what they are famous for is their design and camera quality

  7. Alban

    Please HTC don’t spoil a great camera again by having a lens sticking out, just waiting to get scratched. I have been put off from their recent top phones because of this (I wouldn’t spend £100s on a digital camera with lens that arn’t covered and sticks out, so why on a phone?)

    I used to have HTC, but then bought a dearer Sony which has very VERY poor signal and is slower. I was tempted to buy an imported HTC J (not the Butterfly as I don’t want a 5″) but this could worth waiting for.

    Im with the ones wanting SD slot as well. Give it a decent battery (especially as the unnecessary high res screen will kill battery life)

    It looks a great phone, hope we hear confirmed stats, price and release date soon.

  8. just a regular user

    Obviously rumors are just that yet given what has been listed, posted and blogged the M7 is decent, however, I am a regular user who won”t purchase a device with an embedded battery.

    This regular consumer always has an extra fully charged battery on-hand. So until battery tech advances I will stick with those OEM’s that allow me the option to purchase additional batteries.

    Additionally, this regular consumer expects an SD Card Slot. For those not needing that option they need not put an SDHC card in their phone but personally I look to this as a requirement. (With Apple you have no choice with their “one size fits all paradigm…or “take it or leave it attitude”)

    Had hoped HTC would stop with the embedded battery phones.

    Am glad to see a 1080p display and 13MP camera (provided there’s a top-end sensor within and more than just an LED flash). I do hope HTC launches with Android v4.2 as leading edge means latest not previous.

    In the final analysis it just means for those consumers who expect these features (removable battery and SD Slot) with regards to purchasing a leading edge smartphone we’ll have to stick with the one OEM who always provides these features; Samsung. Will likely await the S4 or Note III.

    Here’s to hoping the rumored specs are wrong and HTC “un-embeds their power cell and gives we regular consumers a choice to add more storage.

    • Laura

      Amen Regular User, Amen. And it’s not like the two things we’ve been discussing are still in some developer’s brain. People expect the spendy equipment they buy to be able to actually DO all the things that are built into it without dying on them or being overloaded. Let’s hope for the best…

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